Moffat (Sorta, Kinda) Confirms DOCTOR WHO Series 9

capaldimoffatDuring an interview in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, DOCTOR WHO executive producer Steven Moffat was answering a question about whether Series Eight would be broken into two parts like last year’s series, when he tossed off a line that makes it sound like there will be a ninth series!

Asked if there is a plan to let the new series enjoy an unbroken run, Moffat told the magazine:

“Yes, there absolutely is. We’re not going to do splits, and the same format will repeat exactly the following year like that. So it will be the traditional form.”

Now, I’m not suggesting this is ironclad proof that the BBC has made up its corporate mind about 2015, but it is significant that Moffat (and not some “unnamed source”) said this. If nothing else, it proves that he is definitely thinking ahead about what will follow Peter Capaldi’s freshman year in the TARDIS. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that Capaldi will be back — it just means that Moffat has some ideas rattling around inside his skull.

And it also suggests that Moffat himself isn’t burned out on the show yet and plans to return, no matter what the TARDIS crew looks like — remember, there’s that rumor of a male companion. In my book, Moffat sticking around is a big win!

Doctor Who Magazine is available in the USA at better comics shops everywhere, but (sadly) on a delayed basis of at least a month.

Lose Yourself in the FUTURAMA Cast Collage

futurecastAustralian artist Unrellius  spent 14 months drawing this definitive cast picture of the late, lamented FUTURAMA and posting it on deviantART.

“Unless you’re thinking of an incredibly minor character, they’re most likely somewhere in the picture,” explains Unrellius.

You can download a high-rez version from his page.