The Voice: Godzilla’s Onscreen Roars, 1954-2014

In honor of today’s release of a second international trailer for Gareth EdwardsGodzilla, all of the King of the Kaiju’s roars, as heard throughout his cinematic career, have been spliced into one supercut vid, thanks to the work of YouTube member Ortboys:

Bonus: all that great, nostalgia-laced classic Godzilla footage. Ah, where have you gone, Destroy All Monsters?

Maybe Snowpiercer Won’t Be Edited So Heavily…

snowpiercerevansPerhaps director Bong Joon Ho’s hit movie Snowpiecer will be hacked to pieces for American audiences after all.

The Korean action flick has a ridiculous premise — one that actually makes SHARKNADO sound rather plausible: in the future, the last remnants of the human race ride a train on an endless around a world gripped in a new ice age. The rich ride upfront, while the poor are in the rear. But there’s a revolution brewing, one led by Chris Evans‘ Captain America Curtis.

Not that that is precisely the movie American audiences are likely to see. At least, not in mainstream cinemas, since The Weinstein Company — which owns the U.S. distribution rights — has ordered massive reediting to dumb-down the story for the U.S. market. On the plus side, TWC is letting director Bong supervise the cuts.
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A Live-Action ‘Gatchaman’ Movie Is Coming… to Japan

I didn’t even know this was in the pipeline: a live-action version of the classic anime Gatchaman — or, as it was known here in the USA in its twice-rebooted forms, Battle of the Planets and G-Force.

Sadly, there are no subtitles for the trailer yet, and the cinematography is strangely dark, but we can get a general sense of what’s going on: an alien threat and strife within the team. And no 7-Zark-7…

If you read Japanese, you can check out the film’s official site.