Look! Up on the Screen! It’s a Crappy Movie!

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Here is a complete list of losers hacks nominees for 2013. You can find out who blew the biggest chunks when the losers winners are announced online March 1, the day before the Oscars.


After Earth

Grown-Ups 2

The Lone Ranger

A Madea Christmas

Movie 43
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‘Behind Enemy Lines’ With DOCTOR WHO


The Waters of Mars

It’s hardly surprising that we know next to nothing about DOCTOR WHO series eight — which just started shooting for a probably fall debut — but at least we know something about Peter Capaldi‘s debut season as the 12th Doctor.

For instance, while executive producer Steven Moffat has written the premiere episode, the follow-up is being written by Phil Ford, who, while he does have some experience with the Time Lord — he penned “The Waters of Mars” for the 10th Doctor — has much more experience writing a bunch of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES and an episode of TORCHWOOD. Still, fresh blood for a fresh Doctor, eh? Ford would offer only the barest of bare-bones hints about his story: “Behind enemy lines.”
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