‘Sin City 2’ Looks That Kill: Miho & Gail

When Sin City: A Dame To Kill For hits screens next month, the role of “deadly little Miho” will be played by Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch) because Devon Aoki, who played Miho in the original, was pregnant when production on the sequel began. Rosario Dawson, on the other hand, returns as Gail, the leader of the working girls of Old Town.

Also missing from the original cast: Michael Clarke Duncan and Brittany Murphy, who both passed away, and Michael Masden. Dennis Haysbert now plays Manute and Jeremy Piven is the new Bob.


10 Cent Pistol

No, not the Black Keys song — the new caper movie starring Jena Malone and Joe Montegna opening today, July 4.

This story about two lifelong criminals trying to stay afloat in the Los Angeles underworld finally casts Malone in the role I’ve been waiting for her to get: the beautiful femme fatale.

Directed by Michael C. Martin, the cast also features Adam Arkin and Jessica Szohr.

‘Sin City 2’ Poster: A Retouch of Class

evaretouchedRemember that poster for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For that the MPAA rejected for being too sexy? Well, Dimension Films came back with a slightly retouched version that apparently tamped down Eva Green‘s hotness sufficiently for the censorship board industry trade panel to sign off on it.

Yeah, the two versions look essentially the same, but if you look closely, titular character Ava Lord’s white robe has been darkened enough to obscure more of her right nipple, which was the primary sticking point for the MPAA.

So now, this poster is perfectly appropriate for viewing by impressionable young children. Unlike the sure-to-be-R-rated movie itself.

I’m Too Sexy for Your Poster…

sincity2sexyThe sequel to 2005’s Sin City is coming, but when Sin City: A Dame To Kill For opens on Aug. 22, it will be with a different poster than the one the studio submitted to the Motion Picture Association of America, because the trade group just rejected that image for being too sexy!

The poster in question, seen here, depicts Eva Green in character as femme fatale Ava Lord, the titular dame. The MPAA took one look and clutched its collective pearls over “nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown,” according to gossip site Page Six. (Don’t enlarge image if you’re in a NSFW environment.)

Dimension Films, which is distributing the film, confirmed to Deadline that the poster is “being reworked.”
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