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bladeshaved2Have you ever wished there was someplace on the Internet where you could read the incoherent blatherings of a foam-at-the-mouth madman? Well this ain’t that, so keep looking, pilgrim! If, however, you’d like to read the musings of a (mostly) reasonable adult steeped in pop culture from a young age, wrapped in newsprint-era comic books and raised with an appreciation for cinema greats like The Godfather, Star Wars, and Sucker Punch, your dreams have been fulfilled.

Join me in my journey through American culture, passing judgment on all that I see. Some topics I tackle might not seem important to you, but they should be! I love television, movies, comics, real books and a lot more, and I have no compunction about inflicting my opinions on anyone.

I used to be a senior editor at

I used to work at Soap Opera Weekly magazine — hence the archived entries from my official blog at — and then I spent the summer of 2011 as a freelance entertainment writer/editor. Despite indications to the contrary, I survived that experience. I even spent a couple of years as senior copy editor at OK! magazine, the celebrity weekly the stars trust! But more importantly, I am the co-creator of the KID TERRIFIC comic book from Image Comics.

Just about anything goes in this blog. One day you might find a movie review, then a discussion about comic books the next, and a review of a DVD I just watched on the day after that. I might talk about books — you know those dusty old things that TV’s Craig Ferguson calls “papery blogs.” And maybe — if the stars are right — I may ramble about life, the universe and everything.

Don’t try this at home, kids — I am a trained professional (with the documents to prove it).

All original content is ©Joe Diliberto, and may not be reproduced without permission and proper attribution. All images copyright their respective rights-holders, and no infringement on legal rights is intended. All views expressed are the personal opinions of Joe Diliberto, and the archived stuff still does not reflect the views of Soap Opera Weekly, OK! magazine, The National ENQUIRER — or, indeed, most other thinking humans.

9 thoughts on “Author! Author!

  1. What I meant to say above, regarding the targeting of teens, is that if you interest them while they are young… They might be life long viewers! Regarding the above post about our “older” favorite characters…well they haven’t ALWAYS been older (story wise or age wise)!!!

    Give the teens and us “older” viewers what we want (good story, good characterization) and we WILL watch!!!! No matter the age, creed, ethnicity or sexual orientation!!! We have to start somewhere! Where are the Phillips’ Bell’s, Nixon’s, Marland’s , et al, gone????

    Last one, Joe! Thanks for your help and your support of soaps. Now what can I do?


  2. O’neill
    Saving Our Shows
    Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:49pm

    So that’s it? Do we just shrug our shoulders and give up? With these underwhelming advocates voices, is it any wonder daytime is dwindling? A genre we know and love is dying people! Wake up!!!

    Used to be soaps/serials were for the housewives, then in the late 80’s, the college student… Now statistically more African American young women and gay men watch their “stories”!! Why can’t the networks cater to them? Write for them? Create for them? If you write it, they will watch it!

    Thanks, Joe… Here’s another!


  3. Lease this WebApp and get rid of the ads.
    How can we save our soaps?
    Tue Aug 24, 2010 4:03pm

    OK people…how do we save our soaps and serials? We need to hook the teens…. Big sensation now is ABC Family shows that are episodic and soapy… “Pretty Little Liars”, “Make It Or Break It”, etc!!! The big 4 networks could make a killing from the afterschool set… Schedule a soap lineup from 3:30 to 5:00… If you build it, they will come!! As I’ve said here before, NOW is the time for a re-camped version of “Dark Shadows”. Teens would eat that up!

    We need go contact whoever we can to give ideas, options, storylines! Tess for God’s sake send your ideas to someone, anyone…I need your help!!! The industry needs all of our help!

    Joe… These were requests I made on Danfling’s Cancelled Soap Opera forum!!! I will send you two more of my comments… I would really like to know what you think…as well as any of your colleuges in the soap press! Thanks


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