The Marvel Movie You (Probably) Don’t Know About…

You do realize that Marvel Studios is about to drop a major superhero flick on Nov. 7, right? And it’s animated, right? Well, it is happening, and it’s called Big Hero 6. Disney has just released a new trailer:

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A Live-Action ‘Gatchaman’ Movie Is Coming… to Japan

I didn’t even know this was in the pipeline: a live-action version of the classic anime Gatchaman — or, as it was known here in the USA in its twice-rebooted forms, Battle of the Planets and G-Force.

Sadly, there are no subtitles for the trailer yet, and the cinematography is strangely dark, but we can get a general sense of what’s going on: an alien threat and strife within the team. And no 7-Zark-7…

If you read Japanese, you can check out the film’s official site.