5 thoughts on “DC Comics’ New Logo: Definitely Craptastic

  1. Mr. Schumer, I agree about the upper right being the most visually appealing.
    Too bad I can’t think of any words that could fit in a modernized (or even retro) version of that logo today.

    DC Universe Comics?


    • First off, robb–call me arlen! 2nd–re: updating the classic schnapp-designed DC bullet–with a little modern tweaking, a good graphic designer–and a client who trusted them–would treat this DC bullet as the american pop culture icon that DC doesn’t even realize it IS–as recognizable to generations as the coke can or the IBM logo–and maintain the original integrity of ira schnapp’s brilliant original design! Remember when wartner bros dropped their classic shield logo in the ’70s–and then saner heads prevailed and they brought it back a decade or so later? Hey DC–I’m available! 🙂


  2. Great Joe–and y’know, there’s only ONE piece of what I’d call “good graphic design” in that group sheet you’ve posted–it’s the bullet logo by Schnapp in the upper-right corner!


  3. Joe–great blog on the subject of DC’s terrible new logo, which suggests “peeling” when you don’t “peel” a comic book, you TURN its page! It doesn’t even suggest anything digital either; peeling=digital??? But you should clarify that the red DC bullet logo you show here was NOT designed by Ira Schnapp–you’re showing the jenette kahn-hired milton glaser’s ’76 redesign, which is a surprisingly bad, phoned-in logo from one of the acknowledged masters of 20th century graphic design. Nope, that appellation should also apply to schnapp, who not only designed the classic DC bullet logo you didn’t show, and every significant DC logo & house ad from ’38-’68, but, pre-DC, with his european family’s stonecutting background, designed the famous “neither rain nor sleet…” roman lettering engraved atop Penn Station’s post office in NYC!


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