Joss Whedon Returns to Save the World!

It’s been a long 19 months since Joss Whedon favored the world with His wisdom on social media, so of course when He returns it’s got to be for a great reason. And what could be better than saving the USA — and, by extension, the world?

So his Jossness gathered a few friends to help impress upon the citizens of the USA how important it is to vote on Election Day, which is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Get out there and vote on Nov. 8.

You don’t have to vote for Hillary Clinton; just don’t vote for Donald Trump.

As Martin Sheen says, “We cannot pretend that both sides are equally unfavorable.” Hillary is not equally as horrible as Trump. Trump is proudly opposed to everything that truly makes America great, and he’s trying to fool the credible among the electorate into voting for him.

Don’t be fooled by the man who is not a successful businessman (four bankruptcies), not a billionaire (that’s why he’s hiding his tax returns), not a charitable giver, admires world dictators and is not a nice guy.


Donald Trump and the Nine Republican Dwarfs

gop-first-debateJust time for some quick, off-the-cuff observations about the first Republican primary debate, held tonight in Cleveland and moderated by Fox News.

Overall, the show was entertaining — but not as fun as I hoped it would be. Of course it did not even remotely resemble an actual debate; all modern political discourse consists of acknowledging the question asked and then quickly pivoting to talking point. I was impressed by the speed and grace with which all the candidates deflected the issues raised by the moderators and got to the serious business of reciting their scripts.

I do not think any completely ruined his chance to win the nomination — pretending for a moment that more than a handful of them actually have a chance to begin with — but I also do not feel like anyone distinguished himself, either.
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U.S. Government Admits Area 51 Exists

area51Who says the Obama Administration isn’t transparent? It has just released a formerly classified report that finally acknowledges that Area 51 actually exists! Or, to be more precise, did exist.

Everyone knows the place is there, just outside Las Vegas, but the government has always officially refused to acknowledge it is an official testing facility — for the U-2 spy plane, not the hiding and study of crashed UFOs and alien corpses. (Governments can only be so transparent!)
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