Marvel Tries Again With a New INHUMANS Trailer

Marvel unveiled a new trailer at San Diego Comic-Con for its forthcoming INHUMANS TV series on ABC, and this one  is packed with action in a bid to make the September-bowing series look less cheap and boring. This trailer focuses on the fact that the series premiere will be seen in IMAX theaters on Sept. 1, before debuting on the small screen on Sept. 29.

Well, there were lots of guns and shouting, plus some martial arts. We got our first clear look at Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) who will have golden eyes, for some reason. Her hair does look pretty fun, though. We also see Triton (Mike Moh) for the first time. He’s the one with the green skin, gills and ridge on his head. What, no fishy scales covering his whole body? And why can’t Karnak (Ken Leung) wear his trademark hat? I suppose the tattoos from the more modern iteration of the character are better than nothing.

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Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Trailer: Not Worth the Wait

After lots of boasting from Marvel about its expensive new series and lots of teasing, the first trailer for INHUMANS has dropped — and the clip really drops the ball when it comes to making the series look exciting. Or even interesting.

I would hazard a guess that if you’ve never heard of the Inhumans as comic book characters, you are not going to be sold on a TV series based on this confusing mish-mash of a trailer. Only someone familiar with the characters of Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak and Crystal would have an inkling about the potential for this series.
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‘Constantine’ Exorcizes Lead Actress

Constantine - Season PilotThe pilot for NBC’s CONSTANTINE will not air until October, but the network has already decided to replace the female lead, Lucy Griffiths (TRUE BLOOD), who plays Liv Aberdine in the premiere. Liv is the daughter of one of Constantine’s dead friends, and he protects her from some demons in the pilot episode.

Producers decided that going forward with the series, they would need a more active, driving force to work off Constantine (Matt Ryan), so they are importing the character Zed from the Hellblazer comics, a powerful psychic who will be more at home in Constantine’s world of supernatural danger. The role will be played by Angelica Celaya.
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NBC Snuffs Out Constantine’s Bad Habit

badhabitIt was always a long shot, but NBC has snuffed any hope by comics fans that supernatural investigator and all-around bad example to kids John Constantine would be allowed to smoke in CONSTANTINE, this fall’s adaptation of the comic book Hellblazer.

Producer David Goyer (Man of Steel) earlier had been hopeful that the network would let TV Constantine indulge in the comic book character’s trademark deadly addiction, but pilot director Neil Marshall (GAME OF THRONES) has confirmed that there will be No Smoking onscreen.
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Fox Pairs GOTHAM With SLEEPY HOLLOW for Fall

Monday nights on Fox will be something of a travelogue to the fantasy realms GOTHAM and SLEEPY HOLLOW and freaks including the Penguin and Headless Horseman.

Fox has just announced that the new series GOTHAM, which chronicles events in Gotham City before the rise of the Batman (indeed, Bruce Wayne appears as a mere 12-year-old), will kick off the evening at 8 o’clock and be followed by SLEEPY HOLLOW in its familiar 9 p.m. slot.

Here is a smattering of promotional images of GOTHAM that Fox released along with the announcement.

No premiere dates have been released.

First Trailer Teases NBC’s CONSTANTINE Series

NBC has decided to go to series this fall with CONSTANTINE, the adaptation of DC Comics’ Hellblazer comic book series starring trickster/magician John Constantine.

That’s good news, and this first trailer is actually cause for jubilation because it looks like the TV show is trying to adapt the John Constantine character that appeared in the Hellblazer comics — and the John Constantine who appeared in the Hellblazer comics was a total asshole! Seriously, the guy is venal and selfish, his methods are questionable at best, and he is generally the furthest thing from a superhero.

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Jack Is Back in First 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Trailer

Kiefer Sutherland’s iconic Jack Bauer character returns in the reboot of 24 — now trimmed down to a lean 12 episodes — that finds international fugitive Jack trying to prevent the assassination of the U.S. president in London.

However, just like every other series of 24, no one believes Jack, and this time he’s being hunted by CIA operative Kate Morgan, played by CHUCK’s Yvonne Strahovski (last seen in the tragically disappointing DEXTER series finale).

As you can see, Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lyn Rajskub) is back, and William Devane’s James Heller has been elevated from secretary of defense (in 2007’s series) to president! Also glimpsed: Kim Raver as Audrey Raines!

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY debuts May 5 on Fox.

Why All the Venom for Stephen Colbert?

colbertFrom the amount of hate expressed online, it appears clear that conservative-minded viewers think that when Stephen Colbert takes over LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, he’s going to turn it into THE COLBERT REPORT ON A BROADCAST NETWORK.

Relax, Fox News. Take a chill pill, Rush Limbaugh (on second thought, Rush, stay away from pills!). The Stephen Colbert who appears on THE COLBERT REPORT is a fictional character; he’s not real, he’s a fabrication. Think of it this way: That Stephen Colbert would fit perfectly into the fantasyland where most GOP politicians think they live.

In other words: No connection to the real world.

When Colbert takes over for the master sometime next year, he will be hosting the show as himself, a “persona” that has not really been seen publicly in years. By all accounts, the real Colbert is a fun and affable person. He certainly has the proper amount of respect for the genre. In a statement, Colbert said:

“Simply being a guest on David Letterman’s show has been a highlight of my career. I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave’s lead. I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth.”

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