Can GHOST SHARK Scare Up Viewers for SyFy?

Tonight sees the premiere of GHOST SHARK on (wait for it…) SyFy. Now, I’m not going out on a limb and predicting the same sort of inspired lunacy as SHARKNADO, but this flick looks like it has some potential.

On the downside, there’s something about the ghost of a shark that somehow sounds maybe a bit more plausible than a tornado whipping sharks at people, and that sorta makes it feel a little less fun. (Which means we’re counting on Mackenzie Rosman and her polka-dot bikini to pull out a win here.)

Here’s the SyFy description of the movie:

“First sharks fall from the sky and eat lots of people. Now a dead shark seeks revenge on the entire human race. Where will it all end? In the new Syfy Original Movie GHOST SHARK, premiering Thursday, August 22 at 9PM (ET/PT), a great white shark is tortured and killed by a fisherman, then returns from the dead, exacting vengeance on all humans. When Ava’s (Mackenzie Rosman/7TH HEAVEN) father is brutally murdered, no one believes that the ghost shark got him — except the crazy lighthouse keeper Finch (Richard Moll/NIGHT COURT). Ava and her friends take the problem into their own hands as they desperately try to survive the bloody wrath of the ghost shark.”

Sharknado: Perfect Storm, or Perfect Movie?

Coming to SyFy tonight at 9 o’clock, it’s a tornado — full of sharks! It’s SHARKNADO!

A massive hurricane sucks sharks out of the ocean and rains them down on Los Angeles, then spawns waterspouts that suck up the sharks again and hurl them at people. But some people have chainsaws.

This is shaping up to be the best movie The Asylum has ever produced for SyFy. It has sharks in the water, CGI blood, sharks flying through the air, more CGI blood, BEVERLY HILLS 902010’s Ian Ziering as a heroic bar owner, sharks swimming in the streets of downtown L.A., chainsaws, even more flying sharks, and MAKE IT OR BREAK IT’s Cassie Scerbo in a bikini!

Can a made-for-TV movie get any better?


Take Cover! It’s a Sharknado!

sharknadoDon’t think; just enjoy the madcap awesomeness of this poster for SyFy’s Sharknado. Even if the title Sharknado doesn’t exactly roll trippingly off the tongue, it is nonetheless inspired.

This is sort of like Snakes on a Plane, in the sense that the title is the movie, but the image — as fantastic as it is — does make one wonder how the sharks got in the tornado in the first place. Well, the studio synopsis explains all that:

When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace. And when the high-speed winds form tornadoes in the desert, nature’s deadliest killer rules water, land, and air.

The humans battling this unnatural natural disaster are Tara Reid (American Pie), Cassie Scerbo (Make It or Break It), Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and John Heard (Home Alone). So, nothing to worry about there…

Sharknado strikes SyFy on July 11.

THE PLAN: It All Comes Together, and I Love It!

Cavil and Sharon

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE PLAN reveals that yes, there was a Plan – to kill all the humans — but it went wrong, and then the humanoid cylons frakked up. Because to err is human. No one was supposed to be alive — humans or cylons. The skinjobs were supposed to be pre-positioned to cause destruction, not forced to mop up afterward. But as the skinjobs lived among the humans, they began to fall in love, and as Six told Cavil, “You can’t declare war on love.”

It’s great to see new scenes with our old friends. The story fills in blanks left in the regular series; THE PLAN doesn’t so much fill in gaps as expand on what was hinted at happening offscreen. We saw things from the other side, including how Cavil (Dean Stockwell) controlled Sharon (Grace Park) — using a carving of an elephant that activated post-hypnotic suggestions — why Ellen Tigh (Kate Vernon) did not show up immediately, and exactly how the Shelly version of Six (Tricia Helfer) disappeared so completely after trying to discredit Baltar and his cylon-detecting machine. The Simons (Rick Worthy) were the least-developed model in the series, but here the 4s get major attention. Cavil spent the entirety of the series trying to get the cylons in the fleet to pick up the pieces.
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