Travel Back in Time With the DOCTOR WHO Theme — on Floppy Discs!

Here’s something you don’t hear every day — at least not in recent years: music played from floppy discs. In this case, it’s the DOCTOR WHO theme as performed by eight vintage floppy disc drives, courtesy of fan MrSolidSnake745.

What a remarkable callback to the old days of the classic series! It sounds to me like it’s the Sylvester McCoy Seventh Doctor version of the theme — judging by the inclusion of the not-often-used “middle eight” bridge — which was arranged by Keff McCulloch and used for seasons 24-26 (1987-’89).

A Peek Behind the Scenes at ILM

We all know Joss Whedon’s The Avengers was nominated for just one single Academy Award — for special effects — but it should win the prize in a walk. Just to remind everyone how awesome and detailed the SPFX were, Industrial Light & Magic has released a special clip that demonstrates how some of the visuals were achieved.

Pretty amazing, if you ask me. (And I really love this kind of “how they did it” feature, so DVD/Blu-ray has been a real boon to me.) These were the effects The Avengers deserved.

Anyway, here’s what ILM had to say about the reel:

“We are proud to present this video, which showcases some of ILM’s Oscar nominated effects work for the 2012 hit film, Marvel’s The Avengers. This reel represents a small fraction of the work created by over 200 ILM artists, scientists, and engineers backed up by a world class production team.”

By the way, did everyone notice that the Oscar nomination list referred to the title of this film  as Marvel’s The Avengers?