ROYAL PAINS 2.8: The Hankover

The most interesting aspect of this lark of a ROYAL PAINS episode was that the subject matter – the aftermath of a drunken night of wild partying – was also the plotline of this week’s episode of RESCUE ME. But while the firefighter drama examined the life-and-death consequences of such a bender, RP took a much lighter approach; one a bit more reminiscent of last year’s hit movie, The Hangover.

Not that this episode was a standalone throwaway; we learned some interesting stuff This story opened the morning after Raj’s (Rupak Ginn) bachelor party, with Hank (Mark Feuerstein) sleeping in a hammock entwined with Dr. Emily Peck (Anastasia Griffith), who praised his skill in the hammock the night before! Divya (Reshma Shetty) and Jill (Jill Flint) awoke in a cab at the beach, with driver Aristotle (Bill Bellamy) passed out behind the wheel. Divya had a flower tattoo on her hip, while Jill had a much larger one on her shoulder. Evan woke up in Boris’ courtyard and was stunned to see Raj lying in the driveway below a balcony, presumably dead. Did Evan kill him in a jealous rage over Divya? The story rewound 24 hours to explain the (relatively benign) means by which everyone ended up in the seemingly serious situations.

Divya’s tale of bridal tea with her family at the Plaza proved to be intriguing, even though her mother was predictably conservative and her older sister Saya (Poorna Jagannathan), the “perfect” golden child, was stereotypically passive-aggressive and anything but perfect (Yes, she was cheating on her husband.). It was fun to see Divya outside the work environment, bonding with her new BFF Jill. Seeing them don wild party attire and boogey at the clubs while boozing it up gave us a new perspective on the physician’s assistant and the hospital administrator. (We missed the tattoo scene, however!) Aristotle proved to be one of those New York cabbies that only appear in fiction: He speaks flawless English and knows all the best places to go. Unfortunately, he also suffered from diabetes, which Divya diagnosed. He unwisely chose to go out on one last sugar bender, which resulted in him lapsing into a hyperglycemic coma. Luckily, Divya and Jill were around to help him out. (As an aside to this plotline, did anyone else find it strange that the show went out of its way to take shots at Wikipedia twice, while also giving a product placement to Trump World Tower? Hmmm…)

Meanwhile, the boys were occupied by throwing Raj an impromptu bachelor party, after Evan (Paulo Costanzo) stumbled across the business card of one of Hank’s patients, who strips as a sideline. We could tell that Karma (Christine Evangelista) was new to stripping because she didn’t know how to control her heels and ended up kicking Ken Keller (Michael B. Silver) in the face, breaking his nose in a bloody mess! Hank reset the victim’s nose, but actually lamented not breaking it himself, because Ken was a bully back when they were kids. Hank discussed this with Dr. Peck, who told him that he could not fix the past, and when it came to historic traumas, she recommends running from the past. Oh, really? Can’t wait to see what Emily is running from…

In the end, Evan proved not to be a murderer: Not only was Raj still alive, he had tumbled over the balcony all on his own. And not only did Raj not engage in any inappropriate behavior with Karma, he didn’t even get an innocent dance from her – he’s that devoted to Divya. So now we think Raj is not that bad after all. He’s not Evan, but at least he legitimately cares about Divya. There are surely worse guys she could marry in an arranged betrothal. The question is, will Evan let that happen…?

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2 thoughts on “ROYAL PAINS 2.8: The Hankover

  1. Great take on the episode! You were a little more analytical than I, but I like that. Mine have been a bit recap heavy, but it was a busy episode! 🙂 what do you think about the possibility of Evan getting together with Div? I’m torn because they are like siblings for me. It’s just weird. If they do that, I just hope it’s done right and not all in our faces.


    • Evan/Divya is a tough case for me, because I prefer it when shows don’t follow the expected path, and pairing off lead characters is such a cliche. On the other hand, I really like Divya and want her to stick around. If she does end up with Evan it should not happen for a couple of seasons yet.
      I’m kind of dreading that this season might end with Divya’s wedding, and Evan rushing to London to maybe stop it. I can see the cliff-hanger now: He bursts into the room… will he say anything…? LOL


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