New Year, New Series — New Direction!

drcapaldiIt’s 2014, kiddies, and DOCTOR WHO will take advantage of the arrival of a new Doctor to set a new tone when Series Eight bows this fall.

With Peter Capaldi now having taken over the lead role from Matt Smith in “The Time of the Doctor,” the show was bound to change, if only by virtue of having a new leading man, but show-runner Steven Moffat promises something more significant: Things will change in a big way, but it will still be DOCTOR WHO as usual.

“[DOCTOR WHO] changes all the time, and it’s keeping ahead of the audience in a way. All shows age and they all age sort of in the same way. You learn how to do it, you get really slick at it, and then you think you’re really, really slick at it and everyone’s started to yawn. And you think, ‘Oh God, we’re really slick at this but everyone knows what we’re going to do’… So now we’ve got to actually get a bit raw at it and do it in a different direction. It happens on every show – you get good at it — and ‘good at it’ is the enemy in the end.

“If [Russell T Davies] had stayed on, [DOCTOR WHO] would still have changed. I remember when we had our handover chat, he was saying, ‘So what are you going to do? Are you going to change that?’ And I said, ‘Well, what would you change?’ We both agreed, ‘It’s time to kick a lot of stuff out.’ And, actually, it is time again to do that.”

The rejiggered Series Eight, featuring the 12th Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) starts filming this month.