Leaked ‘Star Wars VII’ Concept Art Will Stun — If You Peek

star-wars-slateA whole bunch of concept art from Star Wars: Episode VII leaked online today. Assuming these images are legit — and I cannot vouch for their authenticity — but if they are real, they hint that this movie may be the Star Wars flick fans deserve in the wake of the disastrous I-III trilogy.

If you have the midi-chlorians (sorry) to forge ahead, follow the leap to see some truly inspirational images. If, however, you are spoiler-phobic, then get thee to a galaxy far, far away from this post. Seriously, if you don’t want Episode VII ruined — even potentially a little tiny bit, look away! Your heart will be broken to have such awesome images spoiled. You have been warned!
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Best Look at Avengers’ Vision Yet!

thavisionEveryone knows that next summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to feature the Vision, the “synthezoid” artificial life form, but no one really knew much about how the character — played by the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S., Paul Bettany — would look.

Until now.

Web site IO9 obtained this image, apparently from Sideshow Collectibles, showing concept art of the Vision. The fact that it probably came from Sideshow makes me think maybe this is a design for one of the company’s high-end collectible statues — which are known for their painstaking accuracy. So if this is that, we can rest assured that the Vision will look exactly as depicted.
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