A New Way to Travel With the TARDIS

A Whovian calling himself “John Smith” has created a very impressive fan video depicting a brand-new vision of DOCTOR WHO’s TARDIS dematerializing and taking off. Check it out!

Yes, instead of the TARDIS simply fading from view, the world around it disappears and merges with the Time Vortex, and when the capsule rematerializes, the new location appears around it, rather than the TARDIS fading into view. A masterful inversion!

One might almost say he reversed the polarity of the dematerialization flow!

I think this “TARDIS’ eye view” of traveling is very impressive, and I especially like the depiction of the Vortex, with its flashing lights and ominous sounds. It makes traversing time and space seem dangerous.

Maybe executive producer Steven Moffat will take a hint and contact this very talented fan about adapting his idea.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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