Is Jena Malone Batgirl in ‘Batman v Superman’?

jenabatgirl2Rumors have been swirling that Jena Malone will be appearing in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at least since last October, when The Hollywood Reporter “confirmed” her participation in the movie.

Thing is, everyone has been assuming that she would play Carrie Kelley, the female version of Robin from Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns, the source material for this movie. Sure, Carrie was 13 years old in the graphic novel and Jena is 30, but the character can easily be aged into her 20s, and Jena can play much younger. Bolstering the Robin assumption was the fact that Jena dyed her hair bright red, like Carrie’s.

However, Someone at Latino Review claims to have three sources confirming that Jena will instead be playing another DC Universe redhead, Barbara Gordon — but it is unknown which of Barbara’s two alter egos she will be: Batgirl or Oracle.
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