Preview: “The Death of the Doctor”

Normally, I hate Mondays (okay, I despise Mondays), but I am actually looking forward to this particular Monday, Oct. 25, which will see the debut of a new installment of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, part one of a story called “The Death of the Doctor.” Yes, that Doctor.

The 11th Doctor himself, Matt Smith, guests on SJA, which focuses on the adventures of the Doctor’s former companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen). The even better news is that the Time Lord is not the only special guest. Another of the Doctor’s former assistants, Jo Grant (Katy Manning), gets in on the action, too. But now she is called “Jo Jones” – she’s still with Prof. Cliff Jones all these years after “The Green Death.” Although Sarah and Jo both worked with the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) they have never met before. And don’t worry, you only have to wait until Tuesday to see part two.

Have a peek at the circumstances that bring this terrific trio together at last:

Watch another trailer after the cut…

“The Death of the Doctor” is written former DOCTOR WHO show-runner Russell T Davies, so you know the Doctor is in good hands. The story kicks off with the Doctor being declared dead, prompting Sarah and Jo to team up to investigate what happened to the Time Lord. As a bonus, fans get another appearance by UNIT, this time fronted by Colonel Karim, played by Laila Rouass (of HOLLYOAKS and PRIMEVAL fame).

Have a look at the SJA “next time…” trailer:

You may have heard that this story has already sparked a firestorm by removing the 13-incarnations limit on how many times a Time Lord can regenerate. Some people seem to think this makes the Doctor immortal and thus removes any sense of jeopardy from his stories. I address the issue pretty exhaustively here, but the short version is: Those people are wrong. The Doctor can still die; he still has a lot at stake.

On a non-controversial front, the story introduces a new race of monsters, the Shansheeth, who appear to be anthropomorphic vultures. And you no doubt noticed there’s an appearance by a trouble-making Graske. This looks like a really great episode of SJA, and I cannot wait until it makes its way to the USA.

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One thought on “Preview: “The Death of the Doctor”

  1. I loved The Death of the Doctor ^_^ The scenes with Jo Grant brought tears to my eyes.
    Good adventure, too, tying in Clyde’s run-in with the Tardis at Sarah Jane’s wedding.
    My big disappointment was that there weren’t any real flashbacks with Jo and SarahJane actually with the Doctors. With all the “memory” stuff, they should have done.
    And the line about the 507 regenerations, said obviously in jest to get Clyde to stop asking questions.
    Meanwhile, since the Sarah Jane Adventures don’t air in the U.S., I watched it online along with a couple more episodes that I had missed: The Wedding of Sarah Jane (with David Tennant), and the Enemy of the Bane (with the Brigadier…. hope he’ll be back on Doctor Who sometime).


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