HAWAII FIVE-O 1.3: Malama Ka Aina

So I’m starting to think that HAWAII FIVE-O is attracting the viewers with the picturesque setting and pretty cast, but getting them to stay with their philosophical discourses. (It’s true. Read on…)

The plot was something about a gang war between the Triads and Samoans escalating because a New Jersey mob wanted to expand its illegal gambling operation West. Way West. Like, middle of the Pacific West. But what I found more interesting was learning more about Chin Ho’s (Daniel Dae Kim) back-story and his relationship with his cousin Kono (Grace Park). We also got to meet another cousin from their clan, Sid (Sidney S. Liufau).

The story started out at a football game, where we learned that Kono loves the sport and is knowledgeable about it. Can she get any more perfect? Danno (Scott Caan) brought his daughter Grace (Teilor Grubbs) to the game, and there was a cute bit where he covered her ears while he…spoke ill of someone, but she could still hear him. You can tell the producers want the audience to like Danno the most, because he gets the adorable daughter, the cool swagger and all the best lines. At one point, Danno tried to diagnose Steve’s dysfunction: “You weren’t held as a baby, were you?” he asked. Why isn’t Danno the leader of the team instead of loose-cannon Steve (Alex O’Loughlin)?
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MAD MEN 4.11: Chinese Wall

Lucky Strike’s defection threatened to tamp out SCDP itself! The perception that the agency was hemorrhaging accounts had other clients wary of the blood in the water.

Roger’s (John Slattery) deception certainly did not help. After wrangling a 30-day delay in the announcement from Lee Garner Jr., Roger did not spend his time beating the bushes for new clients. Rather, he… well, who knows what he did? In fact, who knows what he ever does — other than take three-martini lunches and chase after Joan (Christina Hendricks).
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