John Hurt’s Doctor Is No Newbie Time Lord

DOCTOR WHO Executive Producer/Lead Writer Steven Moffat is opening the vault of secrets about the 50th anniversary story a little more as ‘The Day of the Doctor” creeps ever closer…

Moffat recently addressed John Hurt‘s incarnation of the Doctor — from his persona to his apparent age to his multilayered costume — with SFX:

“I always think that the clown and hero are different levels in the Doctor — there is no completely straight Doctor. The folk memory of [William] Hartnell is he’s a cranky old man, but when you watch him he plays the Doctor as a stroppy child; very twinkly. And he’s not crotchety, he’s sulky, the way that an infant would be. Ian and Barbara are sort of his parents, indulging him to go and behave himself a bit better. The Doctors are always like that. He’s either an extraordinarily youthful old man or an extraordinarily old young man. He’s always both.
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