Card Won’t Profit From ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie — Not Directly

ENDER'S GAMEIf you feel like you really, really, really, really must see the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game but don’t want to hate yourself afterward for supporting the work of the vile, hate-spewing troglodyte who wrote the original novel, here’s something that might make you feel slightly — but only slightly — less self-loathing about buying a ticket: author Orson Scott Card will not be getting a dime from this movie.

According to, when Card sold the movie rights to his novel a decade ago, the deal included no backend. None. So the author doesn’t see any additional money, no matter how much (or how little) the movie rakes in at the box office. Not a penny. The Wrap cites film distributor Summit Entertainment, visual effects company Digital Domain and the rights-holder of the book, OddLot Entertainment, all as saying Card has already been paid everything he’s ever going to see from this film.

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No Breaks in DOCTOR WHO This Time?

_AC_3793.jpg  Steven MoffatNow this is the kind of news we want to hear about series eight of DOCTOR WHO: According to no less an authority than show runner Steven Moffat himself, the new season will be comprised of “at least” 13 episodes in 2014. Not 2014 and 2015 — which strongly implies the 12th Doctor’s debut run will not be split at all, let alone (disastrously) spread over two calendar years like the 11th Doctor’s last series.

Things beyond the Grand Moff’s control can still happen and things may be forced to change, but as of now, Moffat told UK website Broadcast:

“There’s always a point in production, usually halfway, maybe two-thirds, through a series when you realise you’re juggling at least one aspect of each show at once: maybe a press launch for one, another in the edit and I might not have written the last one. You wake up in the night thinking about 13 emergencies, each of them equally calamitous. As a lifestyle choice, it’s questionable.

“One of the hardest things for me to do is work out when I’ll have time to write. A whole week can disappear when I haven’t had a moment to sit down. I was amazed recently when I got a script ready in time for the tone meeting.”

This sounds very promising — a unified season and (hopefully) even more Moffat scripts than usual to introduce Peter Capaldi to the masses. Allons-y!