The Doctor’s Flash Cards

One of my favorite gags on DOCTOR WHO this season came in “Under the Lake,” in which we learned that Clara (Jenna Coleman) has given the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) flash cards with sensible phrases on them to remind him how to speak to “regular” folk who are frightened/confused by whatever horrible situation they find themselves in.

I thought it was hilarious the way he begrudgingly used them to address the base crew. He was like a grumpy husband forced to go apple-picking instead of being allowed to stay home and watch the game.

Among the funniest phrases: “It was my fault, I should have known you didn’t live in Aberdeen.” Clara clearly slipped that one in for herself, after he left her there on a coffee run last season.

3 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Flash Cards

  1. On most levels I really enjoyed the notecards. There was only one thing that bothered me about them: it was just one more way that Clara was controlling toward the Doctor. I haven’t been a fan of the way her character would impose her will on PC’s Doctor since he started, and I saw this as one more way for her to … I don’t know …. Be superior, I guess. But then again, I haven’t liked Clara since MS left. Despite that, I liked the way it felt for this Doctor, it brought humor and a bit of silliness.


    • i suppose that’s one way to interpret what Clara was about, but it’s not mine. I think she was definitely trying to help the poor guy be less blunt and come across as more… “human.”

      Many people have voiced the idea that the Doctor and Clara have been gradually trading places — that she has become more Doctor-like and been taking the lead. I see some of that, but not in a nefarious way. To me, it’s more like Clara growing up and assuming her rightful place.

      One can argue her doing something Doctor-like — namely trying to outfox the raven — is what led to her downfall. (Attention humans: The Doctor is a professional; don’t try this at home!)


      • I can see your point, and I do agree with it to an extent. But her Doctor-ness is belied by the fact that she was willing to blindly follow Missy, and permit Ashildr on her TARDIS despite her several attempts to cause trouble for the Doctor. It seemed like after Danny died, Clara’s only use for the Doctor was to get her kicks, but as a friend she wasn’t really even trying. She was just pointing out his flaws, as she did with the notecards.


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