Zygons Returning to DOCTOR WHO in 50th Anniversary Sequel

zygonsWhen the Zygons return — and they will, later this season, in a two-parter penned by Peter Harness — the story will be a sequel to their last appearance, in the 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.”

Called “Invasion of the Zygons” and “Inversion of the Zygons,” the story will take place in Mexico and London.

Peter Capadi shared some teasers about his Doctor’s first run-in with the shape-changers:

“This one’s quite dark. One of the things the show hasn’t done in its current invention is to reflect current events very much but I think this one does. It’s a good thing. You’ll see some fundamentalist arguments – it’s very interesting to play with that.

“We had a great scene: We chased a Zygon around a supermarket. He hid among the pizzas. This is what we do, this how we roll — we get Zygons into a supermarket and chase them.”

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More and More New ‘Day of the Doctor’ Episode Photos!

The good stuff just keeps coming as the BBC ramps up the excitement for the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO. Here’s a whole bunch of episodic and promotional photos for “The Day of the Doctor”:

And let’s not forget the fun photos we’ve already seen — or all the terrific trailers we just got, too. It’s a good time to be a Whovian — and about to get better!

Strax Assesses the Zygons

DOCTOR WHO’s Strax has filed yet another field report (via the BBC) with his superiors on Sontarr, and this one evaluates the Zygon threat to Earth expected in the 50th anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor.” This is also helpful for any fans not lucky enough to have seen the 1975 Fourth Doctor classic, “Terror of the Zygons.”

Also, Strax (Dan Starkey) gets in a nice plug for the tourist trade of… er, “Scotchland.”

For the Two Doctor Anniversary Story, Time Is of the Essence

smithtennant2When the official 50th anniversary story, featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant as the 11th and 10th Doctors, respectively, unspools on Nov. 23, time will be on everyone’s thoughts — not the timey-wimey explanation for what brought two incarnations of the Time Lord together, but rather much more technical aspect: running time of the episode.

Fans were understandably underwhelmed when early publicity material hinted at a 60-minute story; surely the 50th anniversary warranted some extra time — especially if it wasn’t going to be an “all surviving Doctors” extravaganza.

Show runner Steven Moffat remained content to drop thickly veiled hints and the length of tale he had penned for the occasion, and that only served to rile up fans who were beginning to feel taken advantage of. But Moffat has come clean at least — well, as “clean” as the notoriously fan-baiting executive producer can be. He told a writer for Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s a special episode. I think you could call it movie-length, yeah. I mean, I’m saying that with a slight hint of vagueness because I don’t know the finished running time. [Laughs] It’s certainly well over an hour.”

So… 61 minutes, then, and not one second less?
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A Big Hint About the 10th Doctor’s Reappearance…


Doctor on call

Thanks to photos leaked from DOCTOR WHO location filming in South Wales, it would seem the 10th Doctor who appears in this fall’s 50th anniversary story will come from a time near a certain existing story. Combining the location photos with the confirmed information that the Doctor is accompanied by Rose gives some inkling as to when he comes from.

Since the photo could be considered a spoiler, I’ll push that image to the page after the cut. Make the jump at your own risk!
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The Zygons Are Coming! The Zygons Are Coming (Back)!


A 2013 Zygon

Whatever else happens in the upcoming 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO story, the Doctor will have a worthy adversary: the Zygons!

Yes, the BBC has announced that the Zygons — beloved by legions of fans who have been calling for the return of the visually arresting shapeshifters for three decades — will finally return to tangle with the Doctor in a story written by Steven Moffat.

Make that Doctors. Because, as previously noted, David Tennant will be returning as the 10th Doctor to aid his future self, 11th Doctor Matt Smith, in the special episode. He will once again be joined by Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Add Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara, and the seafood-looking, whispering wanderers from a long-dead homeworld will never know what hit them!
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It’s a Good Time To Be a Fan of the Ice Warriors

doxwarriorsFan opinion about DOCTOR WHO’s humongous gallery of monsters/villains is almost as subjective as our views of the various Doctors; which enemies are the best or worst or scariest or the most fun. And each of us has a very personal wish list of which classic foes should return to the series.

No. 1 on my Return List list is the Zygons. I was thrilled that the 11th Doctor mentioned them in “The Power of Three,” but sadly, they did not actually appear onscreen. I desperately want those sucker-covered shapeshifters back in the series — ideally in a Lovecraftian-style episode.
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