New Hunger Games clip is on-target

My love for this new clip from the forthcoming adaptation of The Hunger Games is inversely proportional to its length. It’s tiny, but my esteem is huge. In this scene, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is supposed to be demonstrating her special skill to the Gamemakers who run the barbaric Hunger Games — and she doesn’t think she’s getting the respect she deserves. The guy with the weird beard is Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane, played by Wes Bentley (American Beauty).

The thing I love most about this clip is that it perfectly captures Katniss’ reckless nature, but that it comes straight out of the book. Well, certainly not Seneca’s lines, but the scene itself is accurate, making me hope we’re getting a faithful adaptation. Also? The music really works, too…

The Hunger Games: Was This Pic Really Necessary?

Fans are already hungering for every morsel of information they can glean about next month’s film adaptation of The Hunger Games, so there’s little need to whet audience appetites with reveal-nothing teasers like this shot of lead character Katniss Everdeen staring at… what? A wall? A door? Elevator doors? How is she reacting?

Seriously, how passive-aggressive is the publicity department at Lionsgate?
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DVD: The Last Word (2008)

Bentley and Ryder

Whatever happened to Wes Bentley? You remember him, right? He was going to be the Next Big Thing after featuring in a showy role in 1999’s best picture, American Beauty. But he never really caught on. Winona Ryder was once a hot property herself; a rising kid star who had trouble transitioning to adult roles. Then everything went up in flames after a little shoplifting scandal. (How quaint that brouhaha seems now.) Well, these two cooling stars teamed up for a pretty cool indie drama about a man who writes suicide notes for hire via a website.

Evan (Bentley) meets with his clients to learn a bit about them before crafting passages that might capture each person’s uniquely personal pain in the form of an evocative final goodbye. Some clients chicken out, but some follow through; Evan tries not to keep track, but when he notices, he attends the funeral to observe. At one such gathering, he catches the eye of Charlotte (Ryder), the sister of one of his clients. Evan passes himself off as an old college friend of the deceased, and Charlotte pursues him until he agrees to a date. He neglects to confess his complicity in her brother’s suicide, and love blooms. Meanwhile, Evan tries to deal with Abel, a particularly persnickety client played by comedian Ray Romano.
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