Celebrate Wholloween on BBC America

Weeping Angels! A mummy! The Crooked Man — and that Thing Under the Bedspread!

What’s a more fitting way to celebrate Halloween day than a marathon of the creepiest, spookiest DOCTOR WHO stories? BBC America thinks nothing could be finer, and so it has programmed a whole afternoon of regenerating delights, dubbed WHOLLOWEEN!

Wholloween begins at 1 o’clock Saturday, Oct. 31 on BBC America!


DOCTOR WHO 2013 Christmas Trailer Bows

With Christmas Day creeping ever closer, it’s about time the BBC released an official trailer for this year’s special, “The Time of the Doctor.” So, without further ado, here it is!

Daleks, Weeping Angels, Silents, Cybermen and Trenzalore — it looks like Matt Smith is getting an action-packed send-off that includes a speech that sounds reminiscent of his signature challenge at Stonehenge from “The Pandorica Opens.” But what really captured my attention was the Dalek announcing, “The Doctor is regenerating!” How does it know? Wasn’t all knowledge of the Doctor erased by… er, Clara, in “Asylum of the Daleks”?

“The Time of the Doctor” will air on Christmas Day at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

First Peek at ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’

Here is a look at the final adventure for the Doctor, Amy and Rory as one of the best TARDIS crews ever, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” It’s not spoilery, but does give a flavor of the episode. This is from BBC One, so not a lot of folks here in the Colonies have seen it.

Catch the Doctor’s final journey with the Ponds on Saturday at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

DOCTOR WHO LIVE! Well, in the U.K., at least

Doctor Who Live, an elaborate stage production, has opened in Great Britain, and I cannot think of a better to pass the time until the Christmas Special than to spend it with the Doctor and a few of his best enemies, live onstage.

The good lifeforms at SFX.com have a behind-the-scenes video (go here to see it) that features clips from the show along with interviews with Smith and the creators. It looks like more fun than a barrel of Adipose!

Subtitled The Monsters Are Coming!, the premise of the production is that a showman called Vorgenson presents a tribute to the Doctor through his traveling menagerie, which features the redesigned Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, Ood, Scarecrows, Silurians, Venetian vampires, Clockwork Robots, Smilers and even Weeping Angels. The show is billed as a thematic sequel to the Third Doctor story “Carnival of Monsters.” Since the Doctor has to get involved, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that something goes wrong.

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor himself, is rumored to appear live in some performances. I don’t know if this has happened/will happen, but the 11th Doctor does appear in specially created video footage exclusively for the show (as you can see in the clip). Alas, no Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)? No Rory Pond (Arthur Darvill)? Perhaps they are too busy enjoying their honeymoon to bother with a zoo break-out.

I really wish this touring show would come to the USA, but I have to admit that DOCTOR WHO is probably not a high-profile enough property to sell enough tickets to justify the expense of an overseas sojourn. But can still hope that it will be successful enough in the U.K. to allow producers to bring a limited run to New York. It may not be “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy,” but I know I would buy tickets.

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DOCTOR WHO 5.5 (31.5): Flesh and Stone

While last week’s episode, “The Time of Angels,” was arguably River Song’s story, the second chapter of this big DOCTOR WHO tale, “Flesh and Stone,” was clearly all about Amy. Once again, we saw the Doctor refracted through the important women in his life: his current companion and his future…what, exactly?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Doctor came up with a cunning plan to get out of last week’s cliff-hanger (He maneuvered it so everyone was able to fall up to the Byzantium using the ship’s artificial gravity. Great. What really made this episode for me was the touching scene between the Doctor and Amy when he left her in the clearing so he and River could go find the primary flight deck.
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DOCTOR WHO 5.4 (31.4): “The Time of Angels”

The Weeping Angels are back! What more do you need to know for an outstanding episode of DOCTOR WHO? Okay, how about Steven Moffat is writing it – and he has brought back the enigmatic River Song for good measure.

I absolutely love the way Moffat incorporates actual time travel into his plotlines. He really takes the…er, time… to think about how to make it interesting. The sheer audacity of River Song’s plan is awe-inspiring, and another inventively brilliant gambit by Moffat. Her escape ploy makes perfect sense because it doesn’t matter when the Doctor gets her message – he has a time machine, and can arrive in the nick of…yes, time. The character of River Song (Alex Kingston) herself is intrinsically tied to all things “timey-whimey,” as she is from the Doctor’s personal future. “We keep meeting in the wrong order,” he tells Amy about her. And it is no small thing that River Song is a mystery to him; very few people have that honor. In part, this is because he refuses to learn much about her because she is a figure in his future. As River Song herself would put it, “Spoilers!” At least he is still that much of a traditionalist about the laws of time. (That’s quite a backpedal from “The Waters of Mars,” in which he declared the Laws of Time would obey him!) In order to keep track of the Doctor, River Song has pictures of all his faces –a sort of “spotter’s guide to the Doctor” – because he never shows up in the right order. (You might be tempted to suggest this time is the exception, because the 11th persona naturally follows the 10th, but think about what happened in “Forest of the Dead” – she should not meet 11 “next.”) Ever the cool customer, River Song plays it coy when Amy asks if she’s his wife.
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DOCTOR WHO Coming Attractions: The Time of Angels

Next up for USA fans is “The Time of Angels,” which sees not only another appearance of Alex Kingston as River Song, but the return of the creepy Weeping Angels!

As far as I’m concerned, the Weeping Angels are already way up the Pantheon of Great Doctor Who Monsters after just one appearance, so I am foaming at the mouth to see what happens in this two-parter. Part of me is concerned that the Angels not be tainted by a return engagement, but they are just too compelling to remain one-off adversaries, and I am certain Steven Moffat will put a wonderful new spin on his creations.

Check out these preview clips at the Blogtor Who site to see Matt Smith‘s 11th Doctor and Karen Gillan‘s Amy trying not to blink…