DOCTOR WHO 7.12: “Nightmare in Silver”

silveraMission: Accomplished. Cybermen: Upgraded.

In order to lure noted fantasy author Neil Gaiman back to write another episode of DOCTOR WHO after his Hugo-winning story of last season, “The Doctor’s Wife,” show-runner Steven Moffat asked Gaiman if he would like to make the Cybermen scary again.

Neil did; and then he did. Make the Cybermen scary again, I mean. And he did it, rather simply and realistically, by following a “natural” trend in technology: getting faster, better and smaller. The Cybermen have gained the ability to adapt on the fly; they can move faster than the human eye can follow; and the once-fearsome Cybermats have been shrunken down to tiny Cybermites. And worse, the Cybermites can be thrown at you! And then they crawl all over you and attach themselves to your face. Yuck!
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Neil Gaiman’s New WHO Script Uncovered (Spoilers!)

The sacred text itself, apparently

Surely there can be no bigger news in the world of DOCTOR WHO right now than the report that the script for Neil Gaiman’s series seven episode was discovered in the back of a taxi in Cardiff. The lucky finder posted a photo to Facebook with the Puckish line, “found Dr Who script in the back of a taxi. Cheeky spoilers anyone?”

The story goes that the finder tried to get in touch with the production team without success, but after the story hit Reddit, the producers were most eager to meet with her, and undisclosed arrangements were made to sort out the situation. Gaiman himself confirmed the script was genuine via his Twitter account.

As one might imagine, the script is nothing but spoilers, however, only a few minor reveals have been linked to the found script – the biggest being the actual name of the episode. (The monster(s) involved were confirmed earlier by the BBC.) If you want to avoid even little scraps of knowledge/confirmations, don’t you dare make the jump!
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