Visit M. Night Shyamalan’s WAYWARD PINES

It would be difficult to spawn more TWIN PEAKS comparisons than Fox’s new WAYWARD PINES does with this initial trailer. From the strangely quaint town full of colorful characters to the federal agent in way over his head to the star-studded cast, WAYWARD PINES is just begging to be measured against David Lynch’s seminal weird series.

About the only thing that will distract from the allusions to the adventures of Special Agent Dale Cooper in the great Pacific Northwest is the presence of creator/producer M. Night Shyamalan – the onetime cinematic wunderkind-turned-cliché-turned-Hollywood punch line. Everyone is trained to expect the “unexpected” from Shyamalan, so his greatest achievement here would be to get anything past the audience.

I’m calling it right now: This series will be overwhelmed by fan arguments over whether lead character Ethan is dead or not. I can almost see Twitter the next morning; and it won’t be pretty. Beyond TWIN PEAKS, this series also appears to borrow heavily from Shyamalan’s 2004 movie The Village, doesn’t it?  And how about that PRISONER vibe?

WAYWARD PINES is being held until 2015 on Fox.

DOCTOR WHO 5.7 (31.7): Amy’s Choice

“Amy’s Choice” was notable for sorting out Amy’s feelings for the Doctor and Rory – a subject under fairly close scrutiny following her attempted seduction at the end of “Flesh and Stone.”

Fans have become almost inured to the Doctor snogging his companions these days, but in the old days that sort of thing was never done (well, not until the Eighth Doctor’s TV movie, at least). In fact, it was sort of becoming old hat: “When will the Doctor kiss this companion?” But Amy’s full-on seduction bid was something new, and it had to be addressed. Was she really willing to be with another man (well, Time Lord) on the night before her wedding? (This sort of thing is done all the time on daytime soap operas, but for DOCTOR WHO it’s something new.) Recall that one of the running gags during season four was people assuming the Doctor and redheaded Donna were married. Well, in typical “Don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” fashion, it took Rory dying for Amy to realize that she really does love him. Fortunately, the Doctor has a time machine; unfortunately, that time machine was invaded by entity known as the Dream Lord.
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