DOCTOR WHO 2012 Christmas Special: “The Snowmen”

snowman1This is not our Doctor. Not our Matt Smith.

This sullen, withdrawn, fatigued Doctor is not the same man who cheerfully battled Daleks and rode a triceratops like a pony. This Doctor is grieving. This Doctor is pain, and he cannot heal himself. He is a man in crisis. He is a man in hiding. Since when does the Doctor hide?

The morose shift in personality is due to the loss of Amy — and Rory, but… Amy — in the last story, when the Weeping Angels sent them into the past to live themselves to death. Now the Doctor has given in to his pain and doesn’t want to want watch any more companions die — by violence or by simply outliving them. He hates endings. He’s literally hiding from his past in London’s past while nursing two broken hearts.
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‘The Universe Doesn’t Care’

Oh, Doctor, you’ve really taken the loss of companions Amy and Rory to heart, haven’t you? Your dejected, depressed persona now just sees a dark and uncaring existence where once you saw light and life and adventure…

In this new clip from next week’s DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” Strax (Dan Starkey) tries to convince the Doctor (Matt Smith) to investigate the fresh alien snow that has fallen on Victorian London. Only… when has the Doctor ever needed to be convinced to investigate something otherworldly? Or as fun as snow – think of the snowballs!

“The Snowmen” airs Dec. 25 at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

Matt Smith Spills on British TV

The 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, is never less than charming whenever he is interviewed about DOCTOR WHO, and this bit, from the show This Morning, is Matt at his best. I’m not sure any serving Doctor since Tom Baker has been a better ambassador for the show.

In addition to flogging next week’s Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” Matt covers quite a bit of ground, including why he incorporated liberal amounts of Clouseau, Blackadder and Frank Spencer into the Doctor, his Mum,  the fans (“I think people mistake craziness for enthusiasm”), his “TARDIS boots,” the new TARDIS interior (“space IKEA”), what’s written on that Type 40 plaque in the console room – and hints about the monster in one of the upcoming back eight episodes!

Definitely worth watching. Bonus: The presenters mention the 50th anniversary but do not ask Matt when he’s going to leave the role! Kudos!

Most Interesting DOCTOR WHO Clip Yet

At least for the Christmas Special, this is the most informative trailer yet released. As short as it is, most of the scenes are brand-new, we hear Sir Ian McKellen’s voice in character (Minor spoiler: It’s awesome!), and we get a sense of how Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara behaves.

My favorite part was the bit about Clara dragging the Doctor (Matt Smith) by the hand. (“That’s always me!” Hilarious.) From all the talk of snow, one might expect the episode’s logline to be “Winter Is Coming” — but apparently that one is already taken.

From this and all the other clips and photos seen so far, it would appear that Richard E. Grant does nothing but sneer in this episode; he’s a better actor than that. I really like the music used in this clip; is it from the episode?

DOCTOR WHO’s Xmas present arrives in America at 9 p.m. on BBC America on Christmas Day.

Xmas Surprise! Guess WHO is Voicing the Snowmen?

If you weren’t already climbing the walls in anticipation of the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, this news should drive you over the top: Sir Ian McKellen will be providing the voices for the titular monsters in “The Snowmen.”

I know, right? Who even thought the snowmen would talk, let alone with the imperious tones of Magneto and Gandalf the Grey/White? I can’t wait to hear what McKellan does with the role(s).

In the meantime, here are some more cool new photos from the Dec. 25 show:

Hanky-Panky in the TARDIS… With Clara?

ClaraDoctorKissThe DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special (“The Snowmen”) is closing in fast, and with Amy and Rory dead and buried, it’s time for a (pretty) new face. And, apparently, time for some mistletoe, if the photos at left are anything to go by!

We know that come Yuletide, in the wake of the loss of his best friends, the Doctor (Matt Smith) will be all dark and mopey and sad and angsty and withdrawn from the universe. (Not even his friends Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax can entice him into playing the Great Detective with the promise of adventure.) However, into his life steps a new assistant (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman), one who shakes him out of his doldrums and convinces him to travel through space and time once more.  But how does she do it?

Matt hinted to Britain’s Radio Times that the Doctor’s motivations might just be a little risqué for a married man! Matt explained:

“What’s interesting with a new companion is that it changes the way he is and affects his personality. I think, in one way or another, the Doctor is always attracted to his companion and he’s certainly taken by this striking young lady…

The fall of the Ponds had a grave effect on the man. I think he’s quite lonely and removed from the universe and not really as engaged as he was, at his best with Amy and Rory.

Handily, he meets a jaunty new companion, a hot chick…”

Hmmm, what might River Song have to say about the Doctor gallivanting about the universe with a pretty young thing batting her eyelashes at him while he swoons? We’ll have to wait until the second half of the season, this spring.

What do you think? Is it too soon for the Doctor to have his head turned by another assistant? Should the ancient rule about “No hanky-panky in the TARDIS” be kept in place?

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special Poster

Remember when show-runner Steven Moffat promised that every episode of series seven would feel like its own wide-screen movie? Well, that tradition continues, as here we have the latest movie poster, this for episode six, the traditional Christmas Special, “The Snowmen.”

I like several aspects of this design — not least of which is Jenna-Louise Coleman’s artfully concealed cleavage — including the heroic Doctor wearing a new hat, the sense of height and the tiny teeth in the snowflakes, but I don’t fancy the distinct lack of… well, snowmen. What’s up with that?
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