Drax is the New Kurgan in ‘Highlander’ Reboot!

Let’s get one thing straight: Highlander (1986) does not need to be remade, reimagined or rebooted. It shouldn’t be remade, reimagined or rebooted. There can be only one.

But if it must be done, it has to be done right. With respect.

Director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is off to a good start by making an excellent casting decision for the Big Bad. Dave Bautista, better known as Drax the Destroyer from last summer’s epic Guardians of the Galaxy, has signed on to play the Kurgan, the menacing barbarian baddie who challenges hero Connor MacLeod.

Clancy Brown made an indelible impression in the original with his imposing size and gravelly, groaning voice, so Bautista has his work cut out for him.
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The Man With the Iron Fists

How would you like to see Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung and RZA in a blood-soaked, no-holds-barred martial-arts movie that “puts the F-U in kung fu”?

The Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA has written and directed a movie called The Man With the Iron Fists that looks like one of those old exploitation flicks Quentin Tarantino loves so much. (In fact, QT has attached his name to it, in order to give the film some gravitas.) It looks uncompromisingly brutal when it comes to violence and bloodshed of all types, so of course it deserves a red-band trailer. That’s the kind of trailer that can only be shown before R-rated movies in movie theaters, and is tagged NSFW online. Trust me, this one lives up to its billing. Did I mention that was co-written by Eli Roth (Hostel)?
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