Matt Smith Introduces Tonight’s DOCTOR WHO

It really is bigger on the inside!

Matt Smith (the Doctor) tells us what to expect in tonight’s episode — and why he thinks it’s a winner. (As if the clips we’ve seen haven’t been enough to stoke the fires.)

I really hope this turns out to be a crackerjack episode, because this story is going to be remembered by fans and become series cannon — until another story picks up the premise of the looking at the TARDIS’ interior.

One thing does concern me: In all the publicity I’ve seen for this episode, no one has mentioned the Sontaran patrol that took off into the depths of the TARDIS in the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) classic “The Invasion of Time” and was never seen again. Are those clones still inside?

Perhaps we’ll find out tonight at 8 o’clock on BBC America

The TARDIS Changes (And I Don’t Like It)

tardisorangeinsideYesterday was a dark day for this DOCTOR WHO fan, because there has been a change in the series that I really do not like at all. Not one bit, actually. Such occurrences have been few and far between since the series relaunched in 2005, but now is one of those times. I do not like the new TARDIS interior.

I can see what was intended – a shout-out to the olden days of the classic series, and that’s admirable, but it reminds me of one the (negative) hallmarks of the classic series: It looks cheap.

Now, I’m sure that was at least part of the intention – to make the new console room remind folks of the old, low-tech-future version of the control room, but it just… makes me cringe. The bare floor especially cries out cheap (looking like the floor of the studio), as does the dinged-up gray “metal” of the main console, looking like the pieces were salvaged from some BBC junk room. The simplified allotment of oversized controls is very “Tom Baker,” isn’t it?

I’ve hidden the new image beyond the jump in case you don’t want it to be ruined spoiled…
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The TARDIS Gets a New Interior!

tardistopIn addition to introducing a new companion, the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” will see the debut of a new console room in the TARDIS!

The new set was designed by production designer Michael Pickwoad, and the BBC have released this teaser photo — which appears to be the top of the main console. This will be the TARDIS interior for the Doctor and Clara at least through the back eight episodes of series seven in 2013.

This design — from what I can see of it — certainly is a departure from the Doctor’s current “desktop.” And it looks like the central console will be well-lit, at least. All that Gallifreyan writing is interesting, but I think there’s too much of it, and it’s too big.

In the words of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) himself, “I don’t like it.” But perhaps it will grow on me. Like coral.