The Ruination After the Storm

Yeah, so… Hurricane Superstorm Sandy blew through the region as promised, and left horrible damage in its wake, as feared. Connecticut got off relatively easy — at least compared to New York City and New Jersey.

Here’s a brief look at just some of the damage done locally…

Stormy Weather on Tap

I don’t know how long I will have before Hurricane Sandy puts out the lights around here, so I’m going to post an entry that’s a bit different. I’ve put together a sort of photo essay that shows what conditions were like before the storm hit the area. I will have a more standard entry — a review of the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD — tomorrow.

This Supercell is Really Super

It’s kind of a lazy Sunday here, so I thought instead of boring you with another of my skreeds, I’d blow your minds with this photograph that I found. It’s Copyright: © Mike Hollingshead, and depicts Amazing supercell storm during twilight nears a York Nebraska truck stop on I80 as it spits out lightning, June 17, 2009. Only a half hour or so earlier this storm was producing a long-lived large tornado near Aurora Nebraska.”

This photo really captures the majesty of this destructive natural force.