Arthur Darvill: ‘Let It Go’ — He’s Not Rory!

Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t believe “Let It Go” (from the movie Frozen ) is the greatest song ever recorded in the history of ever. But what do I know?

There’s this BBC Radio 1 host called Matt Edmondson who apparently has the mutant ability to get big stars to sing parody songs that play on their popular personas, and in this clip he’s convinced Arthur Darvill to sing about how he’s no longer Rory on DOCTOR WHO. In fact, he’s a veteran of Broadway now, having starred in Once.

So let’s watch Arthur put his pipes to good use…

P.S.: A Letter From DOCTOR WHO’s Past

Just in case you didn’t cry every tear out of your body for the next six months while watching the fall finale of DOCTOR WHO, “The Angels Take Manhattan,” a couple of weeks back, the BBC has generously released a version of an unused scene from Chris Chibnall’s script that acts as a sort of coda to the story. And hits you in the gut, just like the rest of the tale of the Fall of the Ponds.

Entitled “P.S.,” the scene tells us what ultimately happened to Amy and Rory, and how they explain it to Brian — via a messengered letter. The clip is shown with production art, since it was never filmed. And the most special treat here is that Arthur Darvill actually recorded the voice-over for Rory’s letter in character, giving us one last chance to hear from Mr. Pond-turned-Mr.-Williams-again. Darvill’s contribution lends authenticity to the scene, as well as a ton of emotional heft, so the whole thing might even bring a tear to your eye — or so I’ve heard has happened to other people.

This must be included on the series seven Blu-ray/DVD compilation — and wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow a live-action version of the scene could be shot? It already has Darvill’s voice-over and touching music; all it would need is Mark Williams and an extra to top it off.

Takes Some to Know One: Companion Advice

Here’s a bit of practical advice from former DOCTOR WHO companions Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill (ex-Amy and ex-Rory) to the incoming companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman. I like that Karen and Arthur weren’t silly or sarcastic – but also at a loss for words to describe the experience. Which I believe. I mean, how would you tell someone to prepare to play a companion on DOCTOR WHO? Maybe, brush up on a field guide to dinosaurs? I’d probably say, “Ask the costumer for sneakers!”

We have to wait until Christmas to see Coleman in her new(?) role, and whether she took the advice of the Ponds Williamses.

Amy & Rory Go Online in “Pond Life”

We all know that when the seventh series of DOCTOR WHO kicks off on Sept. 1, we will be watching the final five episodes featuring Amy and Rory as the 11th Doctor’s companions, and it will be a sad time for all.

However, starting Monday, the BBC have cooked up a way for us to spend a little more time with the Ponds being the Ponds. The web series Pond Life will let fans hang with the couple and see what happened off-screen between the end of Series 6 and the start of the new season with “Asylum of the Daleks.” What exactly do Amy and Rory get up to during their down time?

But don’t my word for it; see what Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have to say:

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DOCTOR WHO Series 6 Trailer Debuts!

An intriguing new trailer for DOCTOR WHO Series 6 has been released, and I cannot stop watching it! There is a lot of info packed into these scant frames, and lots of cool imagery, as well. And then there is a true spit-take-inducing moment!

Have a look and see what you think. I’ll be back with potentially spoilerific thoughts after the cut…

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DOCTOR WHO: Filming Series 6

Check out these two clips from filming of the sixth series of the revived DOCTOR WHO, featuring Amy swashing her buckle aboard a pirate ship! Karen Gillan gets wield a sword and even swing from a rope while the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) appear to be prisoners. Don’t worry, there are no real spoilers here…

Hmmm… what would Amy’s pirate name be? Perhaps Captain Ginger, or Amy the Red? Look for Series 6 of DOCTOR WHO to debut in April…

DOCTOR WHO 5.13 (31.13): The Big Bang

In “The Big Bang,” Steven Moffat did his best to deliver the most bang for a DOCTOR WHO fan’s buck with a massive finale, and he mostly succeed by delivering an epic tale of love and loss and regeneration (but not Regeneration); a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey tale of the Girl Who Didn’t Make Sense, and the Boy Who Waited.

Let’s face it, this was a pretty great story, but one marred by a key flaw. Moffat loves to manipulate the timestream in his stories, and usually he is very clever about it. (Or, in the case of the spoof “The Curse of the Fatal Death,” downright hilarious.) But this time he messed up. Oh, the story gets by in the heat of the moment because all the sound and running hither and yon masks the mistake; it almost works. Almost. Which is a shame, because “The Big Bang” is otherwise very entertaining, and rivals “Doomsday” as the best of the grand gesture season finales, but it falls short because the mistake kept nagging at me. And I’m not even talking about the Pandorica itself being used as the ultimate deus ex machina… or should that be machina ex machina?
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DOCTOR WHO 5.12 (31.12): The Pandorica Opens

“The Pandorica Opens” was the…er, opening salvo in the two-part finale of DOCTOR WHO, marking the culmination of Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor, and the story served as a brassy, boastful shot-across-the-bow to viewers, warning them that this story was going to pull out all the stops.

After previous show-runner Russell T Davies completed his tenure by successively having Davros threaten to destroy all of reality and a combination of the Master and the Time Lords bring about the end of Time itself, it probably seemed like there was no way to escalate the threat behind a new season. And, in a way, that view was correct; but while the threat could not be ratcheted up any more, new show-runner Steven Moffat chose to, in effect, move sideways and boost the jeopardy. In this story, the suspense comes from the Doctor being threatened in a very personal way while the Universe was cracking and Time itself was being rewritten. The Pandorica was opening, and almost all the alien species ever featured in the series were coming to the party, from Autons to Zygons: “Everything that ever hated you is coming here tonight,” River Song warned him. “You can’t win this; you can’t even fight it.”
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DOCTOR WHO 5.9 (31.9): Cold Blood

After last week’s somewhat less-than-thrilling part one ( “The Hungry Earth” felt underpopulated and underwritten), this week’s second part of the story, “Cold Blood,” delivered a cracking good DOCTOR WHO yarn, full of thrills, adventure, history, hopes dashed and (especially) heartbreak.

The story picked up with the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Nasreen (Meera Syal) entering the Silurian city to rescue the captive Amy (Karen Gillan), Mo and Elliot. But of course clever Amy was perfectly capable of rescuing herself, while the Doctor was perfectly capable of getting himself captured! In the science bay, the Doctor met the deceptively sympathetic Dr. Molokeh and the warlike Cmdr. Restac (since she was Alaya’s sister, actress Neve McIntosh essayed both roles). The military struggling with the science branch for control of the humans reminded me a lot of Planet of the Apes, with Dr. Zira pleading for Taylor’s life. Restac was just as blood-thirsty as any…er, “cold-blooded” human villain, and ordered the Doctor and the other “apes” executed. Luckily, Malokeh awoke Eldane, the leader of the Silurians, to intervene. He has a much more level head, and was willing to negotiate for shared control of the planet.
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