Third Spider-Man Trailer is Amazing

You don’t need spidey sense to get the feeling that The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be something special. In fact, I think it will turn out to be better than The Dark Knight Rises. (The Lizard is certainly a better villain than Bane.)

When this project was announced, and for most of its production time, I had little to no interest in TASM, figuring it was too soon after the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire series to “revive” the property. And besides, director Marc Webb had never done an action movie before – and he hired a British dude to play archetypal Queens kid Peter Parker.

But the newest trailer for the reboot has me convinced that this movie is going to be worth seeing. It just… feels like the comic book. Watching Spidey tangle with the Lizard in this clip reminded me so much of the early Stan Lee/Steve Ditko days that it feels like the comics come to life. Except updated with modern colors and visual flair. I especially like the shots where Spidey crawls upside-down and strikes comic-like poses while swinging on his web lines.

The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans, opens July 3.


I had zero expectations going into NEVERLAND, SyFy’s big miniseries event for 2011, so the program easily exceeded what I was hoping to see. Unlike TIN MAN and ALICE, which interested me but never really engaged me, I was instantly caught up in the various worlds of NEVERLAND, and I am eagerly looking forward to watching Part 2.

NEVERLAND is a prequel to the beloved classic children’s story Peter Pan, and purports to explain what Neverland is, and how Peter and the Lost Boys, Capt. Hook and the pirates, the Indians, fairies and everything else all came to live there. Surprisingly, writer/director Nick Willing (who also wrote and directed ALICE and directed TIN MAN) has come up with a surprisingly cohesive explanation for it all that is also fun to watch.
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