Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Dreams of the Sandman

joegordonbowtieActor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently took a few moments to chat with IGN about the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book masterpiece, The Sandman, which he will be producing as a live-action film.

While he begged off giving any specifics at all — especially about whether he will be starring and/or directing, as well — Gordon-Levitt did explain what drew him to the material. And he said what I consider to be all the right things:

“Well, I love just the basic concept of it — just the concept of personifying Dream, along with all of his brothers and sisters, the seven Endless personifying Death, personifying Destruction and Delirium and Destiny and Desire and Despair. I mean, that’s just a fascinating and, I think, a really cinematic concept. You look at the art of Sandman, and it just looks spectacular.

“I love big, spectacular movies, but oftentimes big, spectacular movies sort of get stuck in a rut. They go down certain paths that end in big explosions, or whatever. Sandman has so much opportunity to do something that’s on a grand, grand scale, but really unlike your average big, grand-scale, spectacular movie. I guess that’s the tip of the iceberg.”

And Gordon-Levitt cautions against reading too much into that Tweet that he hashtagged “Prelude.”

“I honestly just wrote that as sort of a pun, because this tweet was a prelude to who knows what’s to come. Obviously ‘Prelude’ is the title of the first issue, but… nothing is cemented yet. But there’s so much potential in that material. It’s exciting.”

Long-Gestating Sandman Movie Is Back On!

Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-joseph-gordon-levitt-34334769-500-668People have been trying to make a live-action movie based on acclaimed comics god Neil Gaiman’s influential Sandman series for literally decades, but no one has been able to crack the script problem: There’s just too much magic and drama and whimsy and terror and poetry to fit into a two-hour movie.

Well, as of today, actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt thinks he can do it — and is in final negotiations with Warner Bros. to helm the project. JG-L will at least produce, and may also direct and star in the movie as well. There are rumors that he’s confirmed to star and direct, but all JG-L himself will confirm (via Twitter) is that he’s producing, alongside David Goyer. JG-L directed the romantic comedy Don Jon, co-starring Scarlett Johansson, which he also wrote.
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Introducing Sandman: Overture

overtureIt’s a horribly hot, windy-and-rainy Monday here in New York City, and I cannot think of a better way to improve my dark mood and think cool thoughts than to contemplate the new Sandman comic book series coming from creator Neil Gaiman and new artist J.H. Williams III this autumn.

Gaiman’s epic return to the character that made his bones in comics back in the 1980s has a new name — instead of Sandman: Zero, it will now be called Sandman: Overture — and an official release date: Oct. 30.

The bimonthly Vertigo miniseries will explain bow Morpheus was so easily captured by Roderick Burgess way back in The Sandman No. 1. The series will alternate months with a “Special Edition” version of each issue that will showcase sketches and commentary.

Gaiman had this to say about revisiting the Endless universe:

“The most peculiar thing for me about returning to Sandman is how familiar it all feels. When I was writing Sandman from 1987 to 1996, I never had the feeling at any point that approximately 50 million people were looking over my shoulder, scrutinizing every word.”

I remember seeing house ads in DC Comics back in the day promoting the new Sandman series featuring an image of the first issue’s cover and the line, “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” This was, of course, a reference to T.S. Eliot’s epic poem The Waste Land, and I wanted to read more. So when I stumbled upon the actual first issue of the comic, I snapped it up, and the rest was history.

DOCTOR WHO 7.12: “Nightmare in Silver”

silveraMission: Accomplished. Cybermen: Upgraded.

In order to lure noted fantasy author Neil Gaiman back to write another episode of DOCTOR WHO after his Hugo-winning story of last season, “The Doctor’s Wife,” show-runner Steven Moffat asked Gaiman if he would like to make the Cybermen scary again.

Neil did; and then he did. Make the Cybermen scary again, I mean. And he did it, rather simply and realistically, by following a “natural” trend in technology: getting faster, better and smaller. The Cybermen have gained the ability to adapt on the fly; they can move faster than the human eye can follow; and the once-fearsome Cybermats have been shrunken down to tiny Cybermites. And worse, the Cybermites can be thrown at you! And then they crawl all over you and attach themselves to your face. Yuck!
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A Pensive Clip From ‘Nightmare in Silver’

This Saturday, DOCTOR WHO fans are in for a treat: another story from the pen of renowned fantasy author Neil Gagman, the writer who gave us “The Doctor’s Wife.”

In this story, Warwick Davis plays Porridge, and in this clip he gives Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) a little history lesson.

“It’s hard to fight an enemy that uses your armies as spare parts,” Porridge pointed out. That’s pretty potent stuff if  you think about it.

And we do need something to help us get over the next couple of days until we can watch “Nightmare in Silver” Saturday at 8 p.m. on BBC America.

‘Nightmare in Silver’ Gallery

Another week, another movie-style adventure and another big gallery of stills for this week’s DOCTOR WHO.

But this isn’t just any old story; this week’s entry, “Nightmare in Silver,” was penned by prolific and universally respected fantasy author Neil Gaiman, who wrote the Hugo Award-winning “The Doctor’s Wife” for season.


Watch Gaiman do his bit to rehabilitate the Mondasians at 8 p.m. Saturday on BBC America.

ETA: Sorry about messing up the gallery, folks, but it’s fixed now. I uploaded 20 different photos, just to make it worth your while to revisit.

‘Nightmare in Silver’ Trailers

DOCTOR WHO. Neil Gaiman. Cybermen.

What, you need more of a reason to tune in to this week’s penultimate episode of series seven? All right, take a look at the trailers for Neil’s “Nightmare in Silver.”

First, the BBC “Next Time” roll:

And now the BBC America version:

Catch DOCTOR WHO at 8 p.m. on BBC America’s “Supernatural Saturday” bloc.

‘Movie’ Posters for More DOCTOR WHO Stories

The BBC have released the movie poster-style images for the remaining widescreen episodes of series seven — save for the still-secret finale.

There looks to still a lot of adventure and fun in store as the Doctor (Matt Smith) tries to solve the puzzle of Jenna-Louise Coleman‘s Clara, the “girl twice dead” who is traveling with him now.

My favorite by far is the teaser for “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS.” But there’s a lot to be said for the shiny Cyberman in Neil Gaiman‘s “Nightmare in Silver.”

What do you think?

Set your TARDIS for Easter: DOCTOR WHO Returns March 30

mazzajazzaFinally, some good news from across the pond — and on these shores — to delight my fellow DOCTOR WHO fans! The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) is returning a tiny bit sooner than expected — but what else would you expect from the Time Lord with questionable timing?

The BBC has announced that the second half of season seven will premiere on Saturday, March 30. And BBC America has confirmed that it will air the new episodes on the same day as the BBC. There will be eight new episodes, so the show is looking at a May finale, just like many American series. (BTW, the finale has been shooting in Scotland, leading to speculation that the story is set… in Scotland. Possibly in the Victorian Age.)

Surely you remember that the Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” left us with a cliff-hanger revelation about Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna Louise Coleman), and that lead writer Steven Moffat has promised to tease us with clues about her. Personally, I like the idea of this mysterious companion, since we haven’t seen this sort of intrigue since Turlough and the Fifth Doctor.
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