Ant-Man Cast (Finally) Confirmed

ant-panelThe cast and their roles in the upcoming Marvel Studios production Ant-Man were confirmed at Comic-Con International: San Diego over the weekend, and the surprise to me was the character Evangeline Lilly will be playing: Hope Pym, the daughter of scientist Hank Pym.

We’ve known for a long time that Paul Rudd will be playing the titular hero, and his civilian identity will be Scott Lang, the petty criminal who steals a size-changing suit from the brilliant inventor Dr. Henry Pym, to be played by Michael Douglas. Corey Stoll – currently visible as the hero on FX in Guillermo Del Toro’s THE STRAIN – will play the villainous Darren Cross, aka Yellowjacket.
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Director Edgar Wright Departs ‘Ant-Man’ Film

Edgar-WrightIn what is by far the most disappointing news to come out of Marvel Studios probably ever, director Edgar Wright has walked off the Ant-Man film, citing the standard Hollywood cover story, “creative differences.”

Wright had been preparing to begin filming this summer (that is to say, within weeks) with Paul Rudd in the lead role as a thief who “acquires” equipment that allows him to shrink to insect size. Losing your director so close to the start of principle photography is a big problem, so Ant-Man is in BIG trouble!
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Marvel Doubles-Down on Ant-Man Movie

liberacedouglasWhile we all know that Paul Rudd was recently cast as the title character in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, the story of Marvel Comics’ shrinking superhero; but we didn’t know which version of the character — genius scientist and inventor Dr. Henry Pym or good-hearted thief Scott Lang — was going to be the focus of the movie.

Now we do: Rudd will portray the Lang incarnation of Ant-Man. But he won’t be the only Ant-Man in the film — Marvel Studios has confirmed that Michael Douglas will also star in the movie, playing Hank Pym!
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