The Thing (2011)

Considering the scary amount of hatred hurled at this movie for even daring to exist, it’s a testament to perseverance that The Thing was released on Blu-ray today. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: This movie is not John Carpenter’s version of The Thing. It is not in the same class as John Carpenter’s version of The Thing, which is an unassailable classic. And now for the shocking bit: This movie doesn’t want to be John Carpenter’s version of The Thing, and it doesn’t try to be John Carpenter’s version of The Thing. It really wants to be its own,,,er, thing – and it succeeds.
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The Thing is Coming!

I’m very excited to find a bona fide trailer for The Thing – no, not the 1982 John Carpenter film, but rather a new prequel to that particular horror classic. I know, it’s confusing to use the same title, but it could have been worse, had it been granted a typical Hollywood prequel title. Would you pay to see something called, say, “The Thing: The Freezing“?

This prequel is set just before Carpenter’s flick, and explains what happened at the Norwegian camp where the alien lifeform was actually discovered. (Carpenter fans will recall his movie opening with the Norwegian helicopter chasing the Thing in dog form.) The new film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Death Proof) as American paleontologist Kate Lloyd, who is called in to consult when Norway’s Antarctic researchers find some…thing really strange in the icepack.

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