GAME OF THRONES 2.7: “A Man Without Honor”

There were enough escape and recapture escapades to fill a couple of feature films this week.  And the photography of the snowy Icelandic locations was so stark and beautiful (You see what I did there?) that I really felt like I was watching a movie. But the talky character scenes reminded us that we were watching TV, where dialogue takes precedence over action.

Not that I mind, when it comes to GAME OF THRONES. The characterization is so deep and multilayered that it makes the action all the more impressive and meaningful because viewers have a stake in the outcome. We care about the Stark kids escaping, and resent the bumbling Theon, and root against Jamie Lannister, and root for Jon Snow and hate King Joffrey and love Tyrion, and feel sorry for Sansa because we know them.
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GAME OF THRONES 2.1: “The North Remembers”


Kings were wild this week on the second-season premiere of GAME OF THRONES, because every time a character turned around, someone was declaring himself king — or khaleesi/queen. And there was a red comet in the sky, but no one could agree on what it portends.

Perhaps the show should be renamed “Game of Kings,” because it’s almost easier to enumerate which characters are not laying claim to the iron throne than those who are. Doesn’t anyone want to be just a noble knight anymore?
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