More ‘Day of the Doctor’ Photos

Here are a handful of new promotional photos teasing the DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary story “The Day of the Doctor.”

This particular batch is notable for the clear looks at Billie Piper‘s Rose Tyler. This is definitely not the shopgirl that the Ninth Doctor met, nor is it the Rose the 10th Doctor knew. I think she comes from sometime after she was left on Pete’s World. And our assumption that she returns in this story with the 10th Doctor is wrong. Very wrong. She appears to be the companion of the Hurt Doctor, while 10 is traveling alone!

More photos to come!

A ‘Day of the Doctor’ Trailer? How About Three?

Well, the BBC and Steven Moffat certainly made us wait long enough — but the patience of DOCTOR WHO fans has been richly rewarded, with three — count ’em, three — mind-blasting trailers with footage from the 50th anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor.” Each one contains different scenes and they get progressively longer and more awesome and altered my consciousness and really, why are you reading this instead of watching?!?!?!?!

First, a very short teaser, “That’s Not Possible”:

Next, a 40-second clip:

And now the piece de la resistance, the 1:20 extended trailer!

If just the trailers melted my brain like a peek into The Untempered Schism, what will happen when the story itself actually airs? I may end up in a madhouse, like some gibbering H.P. Lovecraft character…

John Hurt’s Doctor Is No Newbie Time Lord

DOCTOR WHO Executive Producer/Lead Writer Steven Moffat is opening the vault of secrets about the 50th anniversary story a little more as ‘The Day of the Doctor” creeps ever closer…

Moffat recently addressed John Hurt‘s incarnation of the Doctor — from his persona to his apparent age to his multilayered costume — with SFX:

“I always think that the clown and hero are different levels in the Doctor — there is no completely straight Doctor. The folk memory of [William] Hartnell is he’s a cranky old man, but when you watch him he plays the Doctor as a stroppy child; very twinkly. And he’s not crotchety, he’s sulky, the way that an infant would be. Ian and Barbara are sort of his parents, indulging him to go and behave himself a bit better. The Doctors are always like that. He’s either an extraordinarily youthful old man or an extraordinarily old young man. He’s always both.
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Steven Moffat: John Hurt — FTW!

What he did he did without choice, in the name of peace and sanity. But what did he do? He upstaged his co-stars!

We’ve heard that Matt Smith and David Tennant got on like a house afire while making the DOCTOR WHO anniversary story “The Day of the Doctor,” but how did newbie John Hurt fit in?

According to executive producer and writer Steven Moffat, as quoted by Radio Times, the Hurt Doctor stole the show:

“It was great fun. You’d have David and Matt, they’d be leaping around the set and doing every form of physical comedy with each other – and, you know, slightly competing about who could be slightly more insane than the other – and then John Hurt would come along and do this [tiny movement] with his eyes and you go ‘That’s it – he’s got the scene now, hasn’t he?’

John was delightful – delightfully grumpy in every single way. During our last meal [while filming] he got grumpy about the fact that he liked the wine! He’s not actually grumpy, he’s actually a really, really lovely man.”

Where Did the ‘Hurt Doctor’ Come From?

DotD3DOCTOR WHO chief Steven Moffat shared more insight into the Doctor’s 50th anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor,” with the current issue of SFX magazine, including the genesis of the Doctor played by John Hurt.

Moffat said:

“Why not a mayfly Doctor, who exists for one show only? I’d often thought about that. Would it be weird in the run of the series to have the 45th Doctor turn up and be played by Johnny Depp or someone? Would that be a cool thing to do? There was also the idea that if you could bring one classic Doctor back, you’d actually, impossibly, want it to be [First Doctor] William Hartnell. You wouldn’t want any of the others. You’d want him to come and say ‘What in the name of God have I turned into?’ That’s the confrontation that you most want to see, to celebrate 50 years.

“Going round and round in circles on it I just thought ‘What about a Doctor that he never talks about?’ And what if it is a Doctor who’s done something terrible, who’s much deadlier and more serious, who represents that thing that is the undertow in both David [Tennant] and Matt [Smith]? You know there’s a terrible old man inside them.

“Well, here he is, facing the children he becomes, as it were.”

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Big Changes Promised for DOCTOR WHO’s 50th

DotD6Executive producer/lead writer Steven Moffat told the new issue of SFX magazine that DOCTOR WHO’s 50th anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor,”  is going to change the direction of the series forever.

Moffat told the magazine:

“We’ve got to set the Doctor off in a brand new direction. It’s chapter two of his life. Now something happens to him that changes the way he thinks and the way he will adventure from now on. You can celebrate an anniversary in many ways – I think the most productive one within the narrative is to say “This is where the story really starts. This is where he finds his mission, he finds his destiny.”

Now, how many times have we heard that promise from a TV producer, and sure, things change for an episode or two, but sooner or later the status quo is resurrected. Add to that the maxim “Moffat lies,” and we get a boast that should be taken with a grain of salt.
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New Photos From DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Anniversary

The BBC have release a few new photos from “The Day of the Doctor,” and they sure will do their job of getting fans excited about DOCTOR WHO’s 50th anniversary story!

The new images feature  Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, and John Hurt as the ? Doctor, as well as Jenna-Loiuse Coleman as Clara and Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart.

As if you need to be told, “The Day of the Doctor” will debut all around the globe on Nov. 23, 50 years to the day after the first episode aired.

The Bane of the Doctor!

hurtdoctorEsteemed actor John Hurt found himself facing a huge challenge while playing the Doctor in “The Day of the Doctor” — no, not portraying a centuries-old alien, but rather all that timey-wimey technobabble!

Hurt told Britain’s Guardian:

“You have to remember that the Doctors are all one person, so I’m not outside of that. I can’t talk about it, but I will say I was really impressed when I did it. Both the previous Doctors – Matt Smith and David Tennant – boy, are they good at it. Whoa-wee! They are so quick, and there’s a huge amount of learning and no time to learn it in. All that fake scientific nonsense — terribly difficult to learn.”

Does anyone think it’s important that he calls Matt and David “previous Doctors”? He probably means that as “actors who have played the role before me,” but still…

Anyway, Hurt did say he loved one thing in particular about taking on the role: the fans!

“I’ve done a couple of conferences where you sit and sign autographs for people and then you have photographs taken with them and a lot of them all dressed up in alien suits or Doctor Who whatevers. I was terrified of doing it because I thought they’d all be loonies, but they are absolutely, totally charming as anything. It’s great fun. I’m not saying it’s the healthiest thing – I don’t know whether it is or isn’t – but they are very charming….”

So bravo to those fans who have been lucky enough to meet Hurt — thanks for staying classy!

Is the Fifth Appearing in the Fiftieth?

timecrashErstwhile Fifth Doctor Peter Davison made a few cryptic remarks this week that have folks speculating hoping he will make a surprise appearance in “The Day of the Doctor,” DOCTOR WHO’s 50th anniversary story. And then he said something not-so-cryptic.

According to a website called Female First, Davison said:

“I’m making an appearance somewhere over that period of time but I can’t reveal in what. I can’t reveal anything specific about it. I’m not allowed to. It is a big year for the show and we’re all doing our bit for it. Trust me.”

Well, when a Doctor asks you to trust him, it’s a good idea to trust him. Even though the Doctor lies. Also: Run.
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Is This a Photo of Three Doctors?

doctors3Can this be an authentic photo from the DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary story depicting the 10th and 11th Doctors with the John Hurt Doctor? (Is John Hurt really and truly a proper Doctor?) This is purported to be a snapshot taken by a fan when a scene from the anniversary special was shown earlier this week at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. Is this Matt Smith, David Tennant and Hurt all as the Doctor?

According to Heat magazine, the alleged dialogue that reportedly goes with this alleged scene is said to be:

Hurt: “I’m looking for the Doctor.”

Tennant: “Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

I don’t know what to believe about this. On the one hand, the crappy quality makes one believe this could be legit; on the other hand, the crappy quality makes it easy to fake. Anyone with more than 10 minutes of training with Photoshop can combine images. And Instagram can make a clear photo look just as horrible as this. So I’m not taking a stand on authenticity. If it’s real, fine; if not, who cares? (It’s a pretty dull image anyway.)