DOCTOR WHO 7.8: “Cold War”

DWcoldwar3DOCTOR WHO viewers have already experienced “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” so why not an “Ice Warrior on a Submarine”? Following a pair of run-ins with both the Second and Third versions of the Doctor, the Martians have not been seen on TV screens in 39 years.

The Ice Warriors are a reptilian race who were forced to become cybernetic to survive when Mars began to get cold. The giant green armor helps the Ice Warriors to live and fight, and while the carapaces may not be sleek and sexy or as menacing as a Cyberman, the Ice Warriors are definitely cool.
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DOCTOR WHO: Two Terrific Trailers!

Wow, a lot went on in the Whoniverse while I was briefly out of commission. Some massive catching up to do! The BBC have released an awesome trailer for 7b — the second half of the current seventh season — and so has BBC America! The best part is that the trailers have lots and lots of different footage, so it is totally worth watching both clips.

First up, the BBC trailer:

And now, the trailer the Yanks at BBCA produced:

Yikes! What in the universe could frighten the Doctor? Get thee behind a couch!

One thing is for sure: All this footage makes it look like we’re in for a really wild ride beginning March 30!

Ice Warriors 2.0 Unveiled

icewarrior2.001Here is it, folks, the much-anticipated new, updated design of that classic DOCTOR WHO monster, the Ice Warrior! These reptilian giants have not been seen on the show since 1974, and they are returning in style!

I absolutely love this look! It’s amazing! It perfectly crystalizes what the 1960s designers were going for way back when the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) first met the noble race: proud warriors. It is most important to realize that the creature is wearing armor — this is not meant to represent its skin. It’s battle armor, and as such it should be a bit bulky to be protective but still allow the warrior to move. The biggest fault with the old design was that actors had difficulty moving. This iteration looks like a creature wearing sturdy armor.

But thanks to modern design sense — and costume construction techniques — we get the update that this classic monster deserves. The sharp-eyed among you have no doubt noticed the disappearance of the old pincer hands — the “clamps.” I would love to see those return as a sort of specialized glove.

April 13 will be a momentous day, indeed, when these green-armored creatures are encountered again, in a new story written by Mark Gatiss that pits the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) against Ice Warriors on a Russian submarine. Will it be called “The Hunt for Green October”?

Peek at New Monsters — Including Ice Warriors!

Okay, I admit it: I was a bit underwhelmed by that promotional image for Series 7b, as the back half of the latest DOCTOR WHO season has come to be known. The Doctor (Matt Smith) on a Triumph motorcycle with Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) hanging on for the jaunty ride. Meh.

Then I realized that seemingly blah promotional image was absolutely packed with subtle information. It was practically Whovian steganography!

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It’s a Good Time To Be a Fan of the Ice Warriors

doxwarriorsFan opinion about DOCTOR WHO’s humongous gallery of monsters/villains is almost as subjective as our views of the various Doctors; which enemies are the best or worst or scariest or the most fun. And each of us has a very personal wish list of which classic foes should return to the series.

No. 1 on my Return List list is the Zygons. I was thrilled that the 11th Doctor mentioned them in “The Power of Three,” but sadly, they did not actually appear onscreen. I desperately want those sucker-covered shapeshifters back in the series — ideally in a Lovecraftian-style episode.
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Ice Warriors To Be Reanimated — via Animation!

When the classic DOCTOR WHO story “The Ice Warriors” is released on DVD this Aug. 26, fans will see the whole story — including the missing episodes two and three! How? Via the magic of animation, of course.

Several classic stories with missing chapters have been reconstructed using new animation drawn to match existing sound recordings (the recent “The Reign of Terror” being the latest). And now Patrick Troughton and the Martian lizards are getting the animated treatment.

Here is a work-in-progress clip:

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New Companion Rumors

Everyone knows that former Waterloo Road and Emmerdale star Jenna-Louise Coleman has been cast as the Doctor’s new assistant (unnamed — but possibly called “Clara”) on DOCTOR WHO, and that she will make her debut halfway into Series 7, which begins sometime this fall. The problem is, nobody knows anything else. The rest is all rumor and hearsay.

The BBC have released another new photo, which is just a different angle of Monday’s version of Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise pretending to go over some script pages. This shot gives us our best look at the Doctor’s outfit, and it’s too fancy and stuffy for my taste. I really hope he changes back right after this story.
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