CONSTANTINE’s Next Stop Could Be on Syfy

constantinemoveWith CONSTANTINE’s 13-episode first season wrapping up tonight — Friday the 13th… what could be sinister about that? —  thoughts naturally are turning to next season, and since NBC has not announced a decision about renewal, will there even be a second season for the DC Comics-based series?

When NBC decided not to shut down production rather than give CONSTANTINE a “back 9” renewal for a whole season, it was not exactly a vote of confidence. And when NBC recently announced a bunch of renewals, CONSTANTINE was nowhere to be seen.

However, according to CineLinx, the series may have more options for continued life than originally thought: NBC is apparently mulling moving CONSTANTINE to its Syfy sister network and renaming it HELLBLAZER (just like the comic book). Along with the move (and name change) would come lesser expectations — shows don’t need blockbuster ratings to survive on basic cable — and greater creative freedom.
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‘Constantine’ Exorcizes Lead Actress

Constantine - Season PilotThe pilot for NBC’s CONSTANTINE will not air until October, but the network has already decided to replace the female lead, Lucy Griffiths (TRUE BLOOD), who plays Liv Aberdine in the premiere. Liv is the daughter of one of Constantine’s dead friends, and he protects her from some demons in the pilot episode.

Producers decided that going forward with the series, they would need a more active, driving force to work off Constantine (Matt Ryan), so they are importing the character Zed from the Hellblazer comics, a powerful psychic who will be more at home in Constantine’s world of supernatural danger. The role will be played by Angelica Celaya.
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Images From This Fall’s CONSTANTINE

One this fall’s most promising series is NBC’s CONSTANTINE, which will pit supernatural investigator John Constantine (Matt Ryan) against malevolent otherworldly forces mankind could never dream of. And he has an attitude about it.

I thought I’d gather together a few cool images from the show’s Facebook page which, along with the teaser video, make me believe the producers are on the right track with adaptation of DC Comics’ Hellblazer comic book series.

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First Trailer Teases NBC’s CONSTANTINE Series

NBC has decided to go to series this fall with CONSTANTINE, the adaptation of DC Comics’ Hellblazer comic book series starring trickster/magician John Constantine.

That’s good news, and this first trailer is actually cause for jubilation because it looks like the TV show is trying to adapt the John Constantine character that appeared in the Hellblazer comics — and the John Constantine who appeared in the Hellblazer comics was a total asshole! Seriously, the guy is venal and selfish, his methods are questionable at best, and he is generally the furthest thing from a superhero.

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Karen Berger Leaves DC Comics

karenbergerThis is momentous – and momentously bad – news for DC Comics: Karen Berger, the editorial genius responsible for nurturing the talents and stories that became the Vertigo imprint, has stepped down from DC. Her tremendous influence will be missed.

If you love Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, or Jamie Delano‘s Hellblazer, or Grant Morrison‘s Preacher, or titles like Y – The Last Man, Fables and so many more, you owe thanks to Karen Berger. It was Berger who put Alan Moore on the struggling Swamp Thing title and let him completely revamp the character; she guided his growth from British wunderkind to comics phenomenon on the title that made his bones in the USA. And, along the way, she midwifed the rebirth of the horror comic in America. Swamp Thing became a phenomenon, and so did Moore, paving the way for Watchmen and more.
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