Doug Jones Reveals Secret of Guillermo del Toro’s Next Movie

doug-jonesDoug Jones is one of those actors everyone have seen in big-budget hit movies, but no one has any idea what he looks like. That’s because Jones specializes in full-body creature costumes and motion-capture work. If anyone can be said to rival the great Andy Serkis at portraying animated characters, it’s Jones.

Jones has played everything from the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer to Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies to the horned faun in Pan’s Labyrinth. He often features in movies for director Guillermo del Toro, and that is once again the case with The Shape of Water.

Since it’s a del Toro-Jones collaboration, you don’t even need to be told the flick will be weird; but Jones told Collider what it’s about:

It’s not a sci-fi [film], it’s not a genre film, but I am a creature in it. I’m a fish man that’s kind of a one-off. I’m an enigma, nobody knows where I came from; I’m the last of my species so I’m like a natural anomaly. And I’m being studied and tested in a U.S. government facility in 1963, so the Russian Cold War is on, the race for space is on, so there’s all that backdrop and that undercurrent. I’m being tested for how can they use me for advantages in military or space travel, or my technology—can we make this usable for humans? So they’re trying to keep me a secret from the Russians.
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‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel, Comics & Animated Series Coming!

Director Guillermo del Toro has announced that his 2013 giant robots vs. giant monsters movie, Pacific Rim, will get a sequel in 2017 — and fans will get an animated series and an ongoing comic book series to tide us over until then.

The film will be released on April 7, 2017, and again will be directed by del Toro, who will co-write with Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand). Original co-scripter Travis Beacham will be involved as much as his TV commitments (including Fox’s HIEROGLYPH) will allow. No deals have been inked with cast members, but Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Burn Gorman are expected to return.
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Guillermo Del Toro Takes Vampires Viral

You might have seen this weird little video during last week’s installment of THE WALKING DEAD or glimpsed it online and wondered what it was all about: scurrying rats and the tagline “He Is Here”?

Turns out it’s just first phase in the viral marketing campaign for director Guillermo Del Toro’s (Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth) upcoming vampire TV series, THE STRAIN. Based on a trilogy of novels Del Toro penned with writer Chuck Hogan, the 13-episode series will air on FX — home of AMERICAN HORROR STORY — and be guided by Carlton Cuse (LOST).

The series aims to take a grim-and-gritty look a vampirism as seen through the eyes of a doctor with the Centers for Disease Control who investigates a gruesome mass murder on an airliner. Stars include John Hurt (DOCTOR WHO),  Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), David Bradley (BROADCHURCH), Kevin Durand, Mia Maestro, Corey Stoll, Doug Jones (Hellboy) and Jonathan Hyde.

The Strain does not yet have an official premiere date, but it will be sometime in 2014.

Peeking Behind Pacific Rim

I love those behind-the-scenes featurettes on DVD and Blu-ray — few things are more fun than seeing a bunch of actors scrambling around in front of green screens — so I am excited to get a peek at how the wizards behind Pacific Rim managed to bring those giant robots and monsters to life for director Guillermo Del Toro‘s love letter to kaiju movies.

Pacific Rim Becomes an ‘Art Film’

imaxrimIf you need just one more reason to attend tonight’s advance screenings of Pacific Rim — which technically opens tomorrow, July 12 — how about this sweetener: Fans who attend an IMAX screening at designated theaters can get this frankly awesome-looking free poster print!

Director Guillermo Del Toro has commissioned Los Angeles artist Sergio Grisanti to create a poster of the Jaeger Gipsy Danger battling the kaiju Leatherback, and it will only be available as a giveaway tonight.
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Everything You Need to Know About ‘Pacific Rim’

Pacific Rim is due in U.S. theaters this Friday (with sneak peeks beginning Thursday night), and producers Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are a bit concerned about recent tracking, which showed little awareness/anticipation for Guillermo Del Toro’s giant robots vs. giant monsters film among the general public. (The geek vote is securely locked up; Guillermo had us at kaiju.)

To remedy that situation, producers have released a number of informational videos (between 1 and 4 minutes in length) to explain the Pacific Rim universe. I have gathered them here as a public service — in case my own breathless enthusiasm for the picture has been unclear.

First up, Idris Elba, as Gen. Stacker Pentecost, explains what’s at stake in mankind’s war against the kaiju.

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Two More Looks at ‘Pacific Rim’

Here are two more excellent TV spots from Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Pacific Rim, due in U.S. theaters July 12.

Honestly, as much as I enjoy seeing a good trailer for a good movie, I think I’ve seen enough from Pacific Rim. I don’t need any more clips to get me excited about the giant robots fighting kaiju. And, frankly, if anyone still needs convincing to go see this flick, I really don’t think another trailer is going to do the trick.

I’m more worried that I will have seen all the good stuff (or even most of the movie!) in these promotional clips, leaving nothing for the cinema. (Seriously, I think that happened with Star Trek Into Darkness; that movie left me cold.) Nevertheless, here are the new commercials:

International spot No. 2

And No. 3.

Not that it matters, but I think I prefer clip No. 2, although it’s a close call.

Now, let’s have a moratorium on any new footage. We’re a little over one month away from release, and I think I can stay psyched until the movie opens. So here’s hoping the airwaves stay clear of new clips until just before opening week.

Pilot a Jaeger in This ‘Pacific Rim’ Clip

I absolutely love behind-the-scenes footage from big special-effects films; the intricacy of green-screen work fascinates me, so this footage detailing the hard work that went into making Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim is like candy to me.

The maestro himself details how he shot actors Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam in the control pod of one of the giant robots (known as Jaegers) tasked with saving the world from giant monsters (kaiju).

Pacific Rim opens July 12, and I’d like to be first in line for this robo-thriller.

New Pacific Rim Poster Goes BIG!

pacificrimI’m loving this one-sheet for Guillermo Del Toro’s giant robots vs. giant monsters movie, Pacific Rim. I think it captures the oversized, bat-shit crazy asthetic that I hope this movie embodies.

I will suggest, however, that there is just too much type on this image. If they got rid of the blustery text there would be room for another kaiju!