DC Comics’ Free Comic Book Day Title: ‘Divergence’

fcbddivDC Comics will offer a sampler comic book on Free Comic Book, May 2: DC Comics: Divergence.

Available for free from participating comic stores, Divergence will boast three, eight-page previews for the company’s June releases: Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo; Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok (featuring the Darkseid War of Darkseid vs. the Anti-Monitor); and Superman by Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr.

With This Ring, DC Empowers a Muslim Green Lantern

Today, yet another Earth-based Green Lantern makes his debut in DC’s “New 52” universe, and this time what makes him different is his civilian identity: Arab-American Simon Baz, a U.S.-born citizen of Lebanese descent. When he receives the GLC ring in Green Lantern #0, he instantly becomes DC’s most prominent Muslim character.

He is likely to become a lightning rod for controversy from many sides, for a couple of reasons. Once again, DC seems to be hoping that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I haven’t had a chance to read the comic, since it is being released today, but some details are out there.

Let’s start with the comic’s cover. Yes, that is a gun in the left hand of the new Green Lantern. And a GL ring on right hand. Now, there is surely no reason whatsoever for a GL to carry a silly little handgun from Earth when he has the most powerful weapon in the universe in other hand. A GL ring makes a gun worse than a useless joke. So why does he have it? Is it just to make him look “cool” or “badass” on the cover?
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SMALLVILLE 10.18: Booster

There’s a new hero in Metropolis, one who fancies himself a golden god: He’s Booster Gold, “the greatest hero you’ve never heard of – until now.” And he is intent on replacing the Blur as the protector of Metropolis and the greatest hero of all time. Unfortunately, he is shameless self-promoting glory hound who engages in superheroics for the paycheck, not because he believes in what he’s doing. And then there was the introduction of a new hero-in-the-making, the Blue Beetle.

Booster (Eric Martsolf) traveled back in time from the 25th century, and uses his knowledge of history to be in the right place at the right time to make himself appear to be a hero – and then cash in. Booster always sticks around for the photo op after his big save, and cultivates corporate sponsorships. (He even wears logo patches on his uniform!) But the bigger drawback is the fact that Booster is pretty much a jerk. More than confidant, Booster is smug and condescending to Clark (Tom Welling), viewing the Kansas farmboy as…well, a naïve fool for wanting to do the right thing for its own sake, rather than for the glory. Booster’s quest for fame was complicated when one of his stunts resulted in the release of alien technology – a scarab that transforms into high-tech battle armor – and the living tech bonded with teenager Jaime Reyes (Jaren Brandt Bartlett), turning him into an out-of-control menace who tries to kill Booster.
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