Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Poster Plays Down Vampire Angle

Of course you’ve heard of that holiday-season prestige project that’s expected to snap up a bunch of Oscar nominations (and wins) when it is released in November — a little picture called Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and directed by a guy named Steven Spielberg. Awards bait, for sure.

I mean, just look at this initial teaser poster: It’s packed with so much… gravitas… that I imagine it would be difficult to hang on a wall because it’s so heavy and serious.  This is clearly “a film by,” and not some popcorn romp. There’s nary a mention of his other career as a slayer of vampires!

Look at DD-L, all grim, as if the weight of preserving the Union is on his shoulders. He’s alone — that stark white background tells us he’s on his own — and it’s in black-and-white, which means it’s Serious. Plus, he’s pretty much struck the same profile pose as on the penney, so you know it’s him.

Coud you imagine if the Lincoln teaser had been handed over to one of the hack publicity firms? We surely would have gotten the image of Lincoln’s disembodied head (colored blue, of course) floating over a generic Civil War battle scene, with maybe Mary Todd Lincoln’s head and a male supporting character’s floating below and behind Lincoln while a jagged bolt of orange light slices down the poster vertically. The log line would be something insipid but deep-sounding: “The war that tore his country apart almost tore the president apart.”

I don’t know… maybe you can think of something better?

Dredd: What Is the Penalty for Swiping?

Have you seen the latest poster for the Dredd movie? The folks at Bleeding Cool have, and they point out there’s something a bit… familiar about it.
I’m 99 percent sure this is just a coincidence — there are only so many ways to stage a dramatic pose for movie poster, and if you’re on a rooftop with the sky in the background, you have to make it more interesting than just a starfield — but it is a damn close coincidence.

It’s not anyone really wants to evoke Ben Affleck‘s Daredevil misfire, and surely the-powers-that-be behind Dredd know the geek core of their audience is conversant with other comics-based flicks and thus not even try to sneak one past us…

Still, doesn’t this pose imply that Dredd himself is standing atop one of those mile-high city blocks? And if he is perched way up there, what is he hoping to see by peering over the edge? Maybe he’s staring across the way into another block.

I have high hopes for Dredd, and I’m certaainly not making any accusations or suggesting the marketing team spend some time in the Iso-Cubes, I’m just intrigued by the similarity of thinking. Especially in light of this earlier Dredd poster coincidence.

Poster or no poster, Dredd opens Sept. 21 in the USA.

Cool Art Teasers From Comic-Con

Here are some pretty cool pieces of art from Comic Con International: San Diego 2012, promoting upcoming projects that I am looking forward to…

Guardians of the Galaxy was an excellent recent comic book series that I really enjoyed. It told some really great, huge space-opera stories that had the cosmic heft necessary to be take seriously as epics. I was stunned when this was announced as an upcoming live-action film — but also happy. This concept art shows (from left) Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Gamora.
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Dark Knight Rises (atop police car)

I know I have been relentlessly downbeat about The Dark Knight Rises ever since the silly Bane was announced as the villain, but this time I have to say that this poster is one I can get behind 100 percent. It’s dramatic. It says something about the character and the situation he’s in without hitting you over the head. Also, y’know, there’s no Bane.

Old Is New Again — For The Iron Giant

One of the great things about combining the Internet with thriving fan communities is that beloved projects can be kept alive and even revitalized by devotees sharing their creative energy. It not unusual to see artists creating new (and, in many cases, better) posters for movies they love.

One of the more popular movies for attracting new posters is The Iron Giant, director Brad Bird‘s 1999 animated movie about a lonely boy who meets a lonely robot. Here is a sampling of some really fantastic fan art created in tribute to that masterpiece of a movie.

The first poster was created by Laurent Durieux, the second is from Hopko Designs, and the last is by Kevin Tong.

The Iron Giant really deserves all the love and effort fans are devoting, because it’s a wonderful, nearly flawless film. If you haven’t seen it, add it to your Netflix queue or buy it. You won’t be sorry. And there are many other great images out there — for TIG and other films — so go online and look around!

Bane is the Bane of New Poster

Here is the latest advance promo poster for The Dark Knight Rises, and… well, it almost worked…

The shame of this is, I could picture this being a really cool poster — if only the ridiculous-looking Bane wasn’t in the center of it. The gray cityscape is grim and gritty, the orange flames stand out and draw the viewer’s eye to the center of the image… where Bane waits.

This poster looks intriguing; the painting is excellent; the scene is dramatic; and then you get to the figure in the middle, with some black… stuff instead of a face. What the—?

I know fan outrage over Bane’s completely muffled and incomprehensible dialogue convinced director Christopher Nolan to change the villain’s voice to something understandable to human beings; is it too late to get Bane’s face mask changed? Or, better yet — is it too late to get a better villain?

New Amazing Spider-Man Poster

Apparently there was a fan-produced fake teaser circulating over the weekend, and a lot of folks were fooled, but this image has been verified as the real deal.

Looks like Spidey has been in a tussel with the Lizard, but the image is a bit static and dull. I feel like I’m looking at this image just after all the cool fighting stuff went down. I’m wondering what I missed; would that have been a cool image?

I still prefer the version of Peter Parker casting a spider shadow, released as a teaser a few months ago.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 2.