The “Return” of the First Doctor!

bradleyhartnellThis is a promotional image from AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME!, this fall’s BBC TV-movie that dramatizes the early years of DOCTOR WHO as part of the celebration of the series’ 50th anniversary.

Here we see David Bradley (Solomon from “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”) looking amazingly similar to the late, great William Hartnell, the man who started it all.

Rumor has it that a trailer will be unveiled at Comic-Con International: San Diego next week.

DOCTOR WHO 7.2: “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”

I begin to see what DOCTOR WHO show-runner Steven Moffat meant when he intended for series seven to be a succession of wide-screen blockbusters. The first two stories of the season have had heft and scale, high adventure and tons of characterization. “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” was the perfect follow-up to “Asylum of the Daleks” – it kept up the action quotient, but ratcheted down the stakes to a more manageable level. And the script never let up on the human element.

We first glimpse the Doctor (Matt Smith) in Egypt in 1334 B.C., where an amorous Queen Nefertiti (Riann Steele) refuses to let him leave, so he takes her along to A.D. 2367, where Indira (Sunetra Sarker) of the Indian Space Agency tasks the Doctor with stopping a spacecraft the size of Canada from colliding with the Earth before she blows it up with missiles. The Doctor nips off to the African plains in 1902, and asks big-game hunter John Riddell (Rupert Graves) to join forces (by tempting him with a bit of a… riddle!). Then, in 2020, the Doctor materializes the TARDIS around Amy (Karen Gillan), Rory (Arthur Darvill) and Rory’s dad, Brian (Mark Williams).
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New “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” Clips — Minus the Dinosaurs and Spaceship!

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for this weekend’s new episode of DOCTOR WHO, “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”! I’m expecting this to be a terrific romp, as combining dinos and spacecraft is just the sort of thing I would have loved to have seen as a boy.

In describing the episode, Arthur Darvill (Rory) said, “It does what it says on the tin — and more!”

Is it just me, or does this appear to be an overstuffed story? With dinosaurs, do we really need Queen Nefertiti? I can the big-game hunter — however, I’m sure the Doctor (Matt Smith) has no intention of letting Riddell (Rupert Graves) bag a trophy. Does he?

Well, just you check out these two cool new clips, and you’ll see that Nefertiti (Riann Steele) is a welcome addition to the TARDIS crew!

New “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” Pics? Shiny!

The BBC released a bunch of new promotional photos to try to convince people to watch Saturday’s second episode of DOCTOR WHO. Personally, I don’t think it will work — because who wasn’t planning to watch already? Anyway, I culled my favorites to turn into a gallery. (Including Rory and his father!)

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Preview: Doctor Who Finds “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”

OK, the season-opener, “Asylum of the Daleks,” set the blockbuster bar incredibly high, so there is no way that the second episode could possibly live up to AOTD’s level of action, characterization and historical resonance. What I am looking for from “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” is a more light-hearted, fun adventure – something that is entertaining without being as heavy as episode one.

Here we have the trailer for the new episode…

It looks like could be just what we need following the Doctor’s visit to the asylum: a clever palette-cleanser that is still a rousing adventure but, more than anything, fun. How can I tell? By the twinkle of delight in the Doctor’s eyes as he marvels, “Dinosaurs – on a spaceship!”

The Doctor Keeps Domesticity Fun in ‘Pond Life’

The first two episodes of the DOCTOR WHO online spin-off Pond Life have not been what I was expecting — but they are loopy, fast-moving and quite entertaining, if all-too-brief.

In case you’ve fallen behind because you’re perched in front of your TV screen, waiting breathlessly for the premiere of Series 7 on DW this Saturday evening, Pond Life fills in fans on what it’s like to be the Doctor’s pal. Even if you’re not traveling with him at the moment, he’s still getting into trouble and bringing it to your doorstep, either via phone message or personally appearing in your bedroom at night…

Part 1 (April)

Part 2 (May)

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DOCTOR WHO Series 7 Episode Synopses

I’m the type of fan who doesn’t mind knowing a bit about upcoming episodes of my favorite shows; I just don’t want to know everything. Thanks to my previous job at Soap Opera Weekly, I got used to knowing what was coming more than two weeks ahead of time, and often I saw prime-time shows way before the rest of the home audience. I thought that was cool.

BCC America have posted official synopses of the first three episodes of Series 7, which kicks off on Saturday. These won’t ruin the episodes for you, but if you want to avoid knowing anything about what’s coming up, you should skip today’s post. (I won’t be offended. Promise.)

Last chance. !SPOILER WARNING! The good stuff comes after the jump…
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OK, But What’s It About?

Thanks to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012, we know have a couple of more episode titles from the seventh season of DOCTOR WHO, including the second one — which show-runner Steven Moffat had previously dubbed “the best name of anything, ever.” That moniker: “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” according to the BBC.

Moffat said:

“’Dinosaurs On A Spaceship’ — what more do you need! The Doctor will come face to face with some of the most monstrous creatures evolution has ever produced, on some of the most monstrous sets we’ve ever built. We took one look at Chris Chibnall‘s brilliant script and said to ourselves, ‘We’re going to need a bigger corridor.'”

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