The 12th Doctor Will Battle the First Cybermen in His Last Story

If he has to go, then he might as well go out in a blaze of glory, battling his favorite baddies.

I’m talking about Peter Capaldi, who is leaving the title role of DOCTOR WHO at the end of this, the 10th season of the revived series. A lifelong Whovian, Capaldi has long maintained that his favorite monsters were the Cybermen — specifically the original Cybermen, the ones that appeared in First Doctor William Hartnell‘s final story, “The Tenth Planet.” The Cybermen have reappeared many times over the ensuing 50+ years, but they never looked the same again.

The look of those cybernetic refugees from Mondas — Earth’s twin planet which was knocked out of orbit when our moon was formed — was dictated by the budget constraints of the 1966 serial, thus the silver jumpsuits and ski masks.
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New Doctor Meets Old Friend – and Foes!

cyberDoctorTeaseThe 12th Doctor teamed with a trusted ally while encountering a dogged old foe as Peter Capaldi continued to film his debut series of DOCTOR WHO on the streets of Cardiff, Wales, yesterday (June 30).

While Jenna Coleman, who plays the Doctor’s assistant, Clara, was not glimpsed on the set, Capaldi was joined by guest star Michelle Gomez, who was portraying “the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere.”

Wales Online captured a large number of photos of the location filming at The Friary in the middle of Cardiff, but I put the gallery after the cut because the images are very spoilery.
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DOCTOR WHO Gems From a Different Vault

How about a couple of brief yet fun DOCTOR WHO treasures of yesteryear? These video clips are examples of what’s in the archives of British Pathé News and just recently made available to the public at YouTube.

Dalek bookseller circa 1964:

Cyberman and Yeti

I know, I know… all-too-short and quite weird. But that’s what I like about these clips. We fans who weren’t in Britain in the mid-1960s can never truly understand the depths of Dalekmania or places the Doctor’s classic enemies held in the hearts of British children. But I think these videos can begin to hint at it — if you imagine the culture that could give rise to an automated magazine seller in the form of a malevolent pepper pot!

More Photos From the DOCTOR WHO Xmas Special

Here’s another group of photos — 21 of ’em — depicting a bit of what the 11th Doctor gets up to in Matt Smith‘s final story, “The Time of the Doctor.” The BIG shocker? The return — well, sort of  — of a totally and completely unexpected guest species!

The civilian costumes remind me of a Bavarian village; is this Earth or Trenzalore? And I must say Tasha Lem (Orla Brady) looks more Rani-like than ever. What could Silents, Weeping Angels, Cybermen and Daleks possibly have in common beyond a shared desire to destroy the Doctor? Why are they all in the same place? Have they been gathered by the (supposed) Rani?

And why is there a Monoid puppet and drawings? Is Trenzalore actually a renamed Refusis II? I doubt that, but how cool would it be if the 11th Doctor popped in to check on the Monoids he last saw in his first incarnation, back in “The Ark”?

DOCTOR WHO 2013 Christmas Trailer Bows

With Christmas Day creeping ever closer, it’s about time the BBC released an official trailer for this year’s special, “The Time of the Doctor.” So, without further ado, here it is!

Daleks, Weeping Angels, Silents, Cybermen and Trenzalore — it looks like Matt Smith is getting an action-packed send-off that includes a speech that sounds reminiscent of his signature challenge at Stonehenge from “The Pandorica Opens.” But what really captured my attention was the Dalek announcing, “The Doctor is regenerating!” How does it know? Wasn’t all knowledge of the Doctor erased by… er, Clara, in “Asylum of the Daleks”?

“The Time of the Doctor” will air on Christmas Day at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

First Photos From ‘Time of the Doctor’

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — thanks to these images from the DOCTOR WHO Christmas special, that is!

From the way the Doctor (Matt Smith) keeps carrying around that cyberman head, one might think he’d requested it from Santa Claus! And shouldn’t Clara (Jenna Coleman) be a bit chilly?

Matt Smith’s final adventure as the Doctor airs on Christmas Day.

DOCTOR WHO 7.12: “Nightmare in Silver”

silveraMission: Accomplished. Cybermen: Upgraded.

In order to lure noted fantasy author Neil Gaiman back to write another episode of DOCTOR WHO after his Hugo-winning story of last season, “The Doctor’s Wife,” show-runner Steven Moffat asked Gaiman if he would like to make the Cybermen scary again.

Neil did; and then he did. Make the Cybermen scary again, I mean. And he did it, rather simply and realistically, by following a “natural” trend in technology: getting faster, better and smaller. The Cybermen have gained the ability to adapt on the fly; they can move faster than the human eye can follow; and the once-fearsome Cybermats have been shrunken down to tiny Cybermites. And worse, the Cybermites can be thrown at you! And then they crawl all over you and attach themselves to your face. Yuck!
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‘Nightmare in Silver’ Trailers

DOCTOR WHO. Neil Gaiman. Cybermen.

What, you need more of a reason to tune in to this week’s penultimate episode of series seven? All right, take a look at the trailers for Neil’s “Nightmare in Silver.”

First, the BBC “Next Time” roll:

And now the BBC America version:

Catch DOCTOR WHO at 8 p.m. on BBC America’s “Supernatural Saturday” bloc.

Peek at New Monsters — Including Ice Warriors!

Okay, I admit it: I was a bit underwhelmed by that promotional image for Series 7b, as the back half of the latest DOCTOR WHO season has come to be known. The Doctor (Matt Smith) on a Triumph motorcycle with Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) hanging on for the jaunty ride. Meh.

Then I realized that seemingly blah promotional image was absolutely packed with subtle information. It was practically Whovian steganography!

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