New ‘Interstellar’ Posters: Not So Stellar

Paramount Pictures has released a pair of new posters for Christopher Nolan‘s mysterious sci-fi drama Interstellar, and the results are decidedly mixed for me.

The first poster shows the (presumably) interstellar spacecraft built to try to save the human race, and while I really like the design, the image looks too much like poor Photoshop to me. I think the model used was too small, and it simply does not look right when blown up.

In other words, it looks fake.

The second sheet, featuring Matthew McConaughey‘s character staring into a starry sky with his daughter is a little too Field of Dreams for me. “If you built it, he will fly it.” It looks to be playing up the sappy father/daughter dynamic seen in the early trailers. I’m sure that’s perfectly fine for some, but it’s too saccharine for my taste.

Interstellar opens Nov. 7.

Director Pulls Tarp Off the Batmobile

batcarIt seems that a leak yesterday from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice prompted director Zack Snyder to Tweet what he called “a real picture” of the newest version of the Batmobile.

You may recall that Snyder first revealed Batman’s new ride back in May (while simultaneously debuting Ben Affleck‘s version of the Batcostume). The rear end of the vehicle had been teased a bit earlier.

USA Today points out that this Batmobile combines elements from previous movie Batvehicles, such as the sleek cockpit and central chasis of the Michael Keaton/Tim Burton version and the combination tank/monster truck of the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Tumbler incarnation.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently scheduled to hit theaters March 25, 2015.

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Mystery Gets Deeper

Here is the first trailer to tease Christopher Nolan’s mysterious upcoming film, Interstellar. We don’t know what the movie is about — and, after seeing this trailer you will realize we still don’t. But it really feels ambitious…

Yes, that’s Matthew “If There’s a Movie I’m Not Currently In I Will Hunt It Down and Kill It” McConaughey doing the narration, and he will be joined in the cast by Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine, Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace and John Lithgow, so the cast is certainly top-notch. And, as you can tell, the newsreel footage and somber soliloquy make this feel like it wants to be epic. But what is the story?
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2012’s Most Disappointing Movie Is…

The Dark Knight Rises really was not at the top of my must-see list for 2012 — it was closer the to the middle of the pack — but that’s no excuse for the film to be more disappointing than any other feature I screened this year. It’s particularly bad because the superhero flicks The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man turned out far better than I had anticipated.

This video clip sums up the more obvious sins of TDKR in about 3 minutes.

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Bane is the Bane of New Poster

Here is the latest advance promo poster for The Dark Knight Rises, and… well, it almost worked…

The shame of this is, I could picture this being a really cool poster — if only the ridiculous-looking Bane wasn’t in the center of it. The gray cityscape is grim and gritty, the orange flames stand out and draw the viewer’s eye to the center of the image… where Bane waits.

This poster looks intriguing; the painting is excellent; the scene is dramatic; and then you get to the figure in the middle, with some black… stuff instead of a face. What the—?

I know fan outrage over Bane’s completely muffled and incomprehensible dialogue convinced director Christopher Nolan to change the villain’s voice to something understandable to human beings; is it too late to get Bane’s face mask changed? Or, better yet — is it too late to get a better villain?

The Dark Knight Rises: Hearing is believing!

Forget about the artsy and dramatic camera swings and zooms, Selina Kyle’s clunky dialogue (“There’s a storm coming” — really? Cliché much?) and Anne Hathaway’s shaky delivery… the real highlight of the third trailer for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is the revelation that Bane’s unintelligible dialogue has been rerecorded!

Thank goodness that Nolan and Bane actor Tom Hardy backed off the foolhardy the idea of leaving Bane muffled for the entire movie. They were apparently hoping for some kind of artsy effect by making the villain so ridiculously impossible to understand, but apparently they realized that audiences would not flock to the film for multiple viewings if they couldn’t understand one of the main characters. It would have been cinematic suicide. But I’m sure the damning reviews would have been hilarious.

Now, if only Nolan could digitally replace Bane with a better foe from Batman’s rogues gallery…

Catwoman Debuts Her New Look

Warner Bros. has released the first official photo of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle from the forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises, and I think it’s a great image. The studio has deliberately avoided saying Hathaway is playing Catwoman in favor of always referring to her by her civilian identity, Selina. But everybody knows her nom du crime, and Hathaway outed herself as playing Catwoman months ago.

So what do we see here? Selina riding the Batpod. Or, at least, a two-wheeler designed to look very much like Batman’s motorcycle from The Dark Knight. She’s wearing goggles with blue lights, and tight black leather. And her hair is long. That’s all we know about her. Oh, and that she (apparently) has the stones to steal Batman’s ride! That says a lot about her right there. This image is designed to tease – to make you want to see more. And it does its job admirably.
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