Merry White Christmas!

We were treated to one of the rarest of events here in the hollowed-out volcano stronghold of “Read at Joe’s” — a white Christmas! Yes, it’s not much (and the evidence was disappearing before my eyes), but it’s something.

It snowed very lightly late last night — so lightly that I could not capture an effective image of it — but I was glad to see that at least some of the snow survived the dawn.

Happy Christmas to all!

Twas the Night Before — Hold It Right There, Fat Man!

The modern version of Santa Claus derives a lot of its imagery from Clement C. Moore’s 1822 poem, “The Visit From St. Nicholas” (known today as “Twas the Night Before Christmas”), and one of the enduring images of Santa is “a right jolly old elf” who smokes: “a stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth/ And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.”

St. Nick’s association with tobacco goes back a long way, and is even more closely linked to cigarettes than pipes; good ol’ Santa has long been an advertising icon for coffin nails in the USA.

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Have a Very Mythos Christmas!

cthulhutreeHere we are, in the depths of the shopping frenzy for the holidays, counting down the time left for grabbing gifts. I absolutely hate venturing out into the traffic jams to crawl to a mall to buy stuff people don’t really need just to “prove” that I really love them.

I cannot stand those rapid crowds, so I am very much an online shopper. I’m perfectly willing to indulge in the gift-giving frenzy; I just want to obtain the stuff I’m giving from a distance. Give me over a mall with no parking spaces any day!

This is a wonderful Christmas tree* that I found on The Lovecraftsman website and I just had to share it. It put me in mind of that holiday classic, “The Festival.” Don’t we all wish that instead of trudging to the in-laws’, we could spend this Yule-tide in the curious fishing village Kingsport, descending into secret caverns and riding uncanny beasts so hideous that the human brain cannot bear to remember them?

Let us celebrate the season in a fashion that might please H.P. Lovecraft himself: “O Cthulhu Tree, O Cthulhu Tree, how lovely are your tentacles…”

*No discrimination implied. Show me a Mi-Go menorah, etc., and I will feature it!

MAD MEN 4.2: Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Continuing its tour of the holidays, this week’s MAD MEN leaped directly from last week’s Thanksgiving to Christmas – which is not really a good thing in my book, because I am not a fan of holiday-themed shows out of season. I hate seeing Christmas in August; it may not be fair, but that’s how it is with me. (My blog, my rules.)

Having noted that handicap, I rather enjoyed the episode. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and company were pretty much anything but jolly. In fact, Don has rarely seemed as dark as he did this week. Despite kicking off with Sally’s (somewhat cynical) letter to Santa, this episode was about Christmas for grownups. After his assistant, Allison (Alexa Alemanni), read him Sally’s wish list, Don peeled off a stack of cheddar and sent Allison to buy his children’s love fulfill their holiday dreams. Oh, and he promised there would be a little something extra in Allison’s pay envelope at the end of the year, too. (Will there ever…as we shall see.)
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