Capaldi Voices Preferences for New DOCTOR WHO Companion

rosetylerjWith Jenna Coleman‘s Clara now gone from the TARDIS, the Doctor needs a new companion… So with whom would the 12th Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, like to share the console room?

He spoke to about it:

“I think it’s nice to have someone who’s light-hearted and fun. And I think it’s good that the Doctor can be quite dark, sometimes, but you need someone to draw him out of that, and also to throw that into contrast. So someone who can run, scream and be quite glamorous — glamorous in any demanding situation.’

“I’ve always loved what [previous executive producer Russell T Davies] did with Billie Piper, because you hadn’t really had in DOCTOR WHO a very clear working-class voice. And I liked how Billie was very clearly someone who lived on an estate, and was a normal person. Which, in a way, the show hadn’t really done that before. It was of its time, in the sense that everyone spoke standard English, and it didn’t always reflect the real world. So I always like it when they have companions who reflect the real world – which Jenna does, because she’s from Blackpool. You can’t get more real-world than Blackpool!”

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More ‘Day of the Doctor’ Video Snippets!

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times: The BBC is releasing a lot of video teasers for “The Day of the Doctor,” DOCTOR WHO’s 50th anniversary story — but they are all so short!

Anyway, here are two new clips that feature companions Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman), along with the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) and the War Doctor (John Hurt). I prefer the lighthearted Clara piece, but there’s an interesting sense of dread in Rose’s clip.

As always, a SPOILER warning. Theses videos are exceedingly brief and innocuous, but still, sensitive viewers might consider them unacceptable spoilers, so view at your own risk.

Clara and the 11th Doctor:

Rose and the War Doctor:

By now you should know “The Day of the Doctor” will be simulcast around the globe this Saturday. #SaveTheDay

More and More New ‘Day of the Doctor’ Episode Photos!

The good stuff just keeps coming as the BBC ramps up the excitement for the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO. Here’s a whole bunch of episodic and promotional photos for “The Day of the Doctor”:

And let’s not forget the fun photos we’ve already seen — or all the terrific trailers we just got, too. It’s a good time to be a Whovian — and about to get better!

More ‘Day of the Doctor’ Photos

Here are a handful of new promotional photos teasing the DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary story “The Day of the Doctor.”

This particular batch is notable for the clear looks at Billie Piper‘s Rose Tyler. This is definitely not the shopgirl that the Ninth Doctor met, nor is it the Rose the 10th Doctor knew. I think she comes from sometime after she was left on Pete’s World. And our assumption that she returns in this story with the 10th Doctor is wrong. Very wrong. She appears to be the companion of the Hurt Doctor, while 10 is traveling alone!

More photos to come!

BBC America Has Its Own ‘Day of the Doctor’ Trailer

The 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO story, “The Day of the Doctor” will be simulcast around the world on Nov. 23, and that means we in the USA will be able to watch it at 2:50 p.m. ET on BBC America.

To promote the event, BBC America has its own version of the trailer. It’s shorter, edited in a different order, and contains at least one new  scene. as far as I can tell:

Mark your calendars and #SaveTheDay

A ‘Day of the Doctor’ Trailer? How About Three?

Well, the BBC and Steven Moffat certainly made us wait long enough — but the patience of DOCTOR WHO fans has been richly rewarded, with three — count ’em, three — mind-blasting trailers with footage from the 50th anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor.” Each one contains different scenes and they get progressively longer and more awesome and altered my consciousness and really, why are you reading this instead of watching?!?!?!?!

First, a very short teaser, “That’s Not Possible”:

Next, a 40-second clip:

And now the piece de la resistance, the 1:20 extended trailer!

If just the trailers melted my brain like a peek into The Untempered Schism, what will happen when the story itself actually airs? I may end up in a madhouse, like some gibbering H.P. Lovecraft character…

What Happens on ‘The Day of the Doctor’?

cleanartWould you like to know the plot of the DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary story? Of course you would! And if you don’t, then you should not make the jump and instead skip this post and move along.

“The Day of the Doctor” will run about 76 minutes and be simulcast around the world on Nov. 23, exactly 50 years to the day after the very first episode was broadcast. It will also be seen in 3D in movie houses around the planet.

Okay, leave now… or make the jump… Spoilers!!!!
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A Big Hint About the 10th Doctor’s Reappearance…


Doctor on call

Thanks to photos leaked from DOCTOR WHO location filming in South Wales, it would seem the 10th Doctor who appears in this fall’s 50th anniversary story will come from a time near a certain existing story. Combining the location photos with the confirmed information that the Doctor is accompanied by Rose gives some inkling as to when he comes from.

Since the photo could be considered a spoiler, I’ll push that image to the page after the cut. Make the jump at your own risk!
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The Zygons Are Coming! The Zygons Are Coming (Back)!


A 2013 Zygon

Whatever else happens in the upcoming 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO story, the Doctor will have a worthy adversary: the Zygons!

Yes, the BBC has announced that the Zygons — beloved by legions of fans who have been calling for the return of the visually arresting shapeshifters for three decades — will finally return to tangle with the Doctor in a story written by Steven Moffat.

Make that Doctors. Because, as previously noted, David Tennant will be returning as the 10th Doctor to aid his future self, 11th Doctor Matt Smith, in the special episode. He will once again be joined by Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Add Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara, and the seafood-looking, whispering wanderers from a long-dead homeworld will never know what hit them!
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10 and Rose Are Really Returning to DOCTOR WHO

twodoctorsThis is no April Fools’ Day joke: Erstwhile 10th Doctor David Tennant and his former companion, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) are definitely returning to DOCTOR WHO to appear in the 50th Anniversary story, which begins filming this week! So there will be at least two Doctors in the special tale airing Nov. 23!

By way of proof, the BBC released this photo taken shortly after the first table read of the script, depicting Tennant and current Doctor Matt Smith looking happy as clams with personalized scripts in hand. (Can anyone read the story title?)

Now, just because the BBC has only confirmed Tennant’s participation does not mean other Doctors are out of the picture; they may just be out of the picture — meaning just off to the side of this photograph. And if each incarnation of the Doctor gets a signature companion?

Suddenly, things are looking up for the Doctor’s 50th!