Meet the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker, the newly crowned 13th Doctor, gave her first interview to Blogtor Who! Here are the highlights from her comments.

On being the first female Doctor:

“It feels completely overwhelming, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actor, as a human, as someone who wants to continually push themselves and challenge themselves, and not be boxed in by what you’re told you can and can’t be. It feels incredible.

“I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender. Because this is a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.”
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Jodie Whittaker IS the 13th Doctor!

The 13th Doctor on DOCTOR WHO will be portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, best known to American audiences from BROADCHURCH.

Whittaker, the first woman to ever play the role, takes over from Peter Capaldi, who played the 12th Doctor for three seasons, culminating in the just-concluded 10th series.

While DOCTOR WHO fans have known since January that Capaldi would not be returning for the 11th season, word that the identity of the next Doctor would be revealed today only came on Friday, via a wordless video from the BBC.

DOCTOR WHO returns to BBC America with its traditional Christmas special on Dec. 25.

12th Doctor’s Costume Revealed!

12doc1The BBC has officially unveiled the costume Peter Capaldi will wear for his initial run as the 12th Doctor in series eight.

I like it. I really do. It’s simple, dark and mature. I really think the red lining to the coat makes the look. That little callback to the Third Doctor shows that this Doctor isn’t quite all business. I am a bit disappointed that his costume isn’t all black, but rather dark blue. According to the BBC:

“A dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, a white shirt as well as black Dr. Marten shoes, the look was created by Doctor Who costume designer Howard Burden.”

Capaldi (of course) loves his new look, describing the 12th Doctor thusly:

“He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 percent Rebel Time Lord.”

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BBC News Reports Recovery of Missing DOCTOR WHO Chapters

doctobiasWhile there are no new details in this report, what is very important is that the reputable BBC News entertainment correspondent, Lizo Mzimba, is confirming (or, double-confirming, I suppose) that more than one episode of “lost” DOCTOR WHO has been recovered and returned to the BBC.

Here’s what was posted on the BBC website:

“A number of early episodes of Doctor Who, which were believed to have been permanently lost, have been returned to the BBC.

BBC Worldwide is expected to confirm the find at a press conference in London later this week. It follows weeks of speculation that some lost episodes had been located.

Details of how fans will be able to watch the recovered episodes are also expected to be revealed later this week.”

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BBC Unveils Full Slate of DOCTOR WHO Tributes

DayDoctor1One thing the BBC cannot be accused of is skimping on programming paying tribute to its most successful series, the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO.

Auntie Beeb is planning tribute shows across all its channels, on TV and radio. It really is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the series, doing everything it can — short of producing lots of new episodes of the program itself — to make Nov. 13, 2013, a day to remember. To make it The Day of the Doctor!
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Will Sunday Be 12th Doctor Day?

tardisA sudden flurry of rumors suggests that the 12th Doctor will be named this Sunday, Aug. 4, on a special episode of DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL on the BBC.

I hope this is true because I am sick of all the useless speculation clogging up the web while folks have nothing better to do. And we can stop all the inane “Will the next Doctor be a woman” chatter that mostly just hurts peoples’ feelings. Also, I really want to know what the next Doctor is going to look like.

Maybe Those DOCTOR WHO Episodes Really ARE Real…

"The Celestial Toymaker"

“The Celestial Toymaker”

The zigzagging story of the alleged recovery of 90 lost episodes of DOCTOR WHO missing since the 1960s has zigged again — this time solidly in favor of the “Yes, it’s true!” camp. Then it zagged away again — or did it?

It is paramount that you keep in mind that everything surrounding the supposed cache is rumor, with nothing to substantiate it beyond other rumors and conjecture.

First the latest concrete fact — one of the few in the case so far: Philip Fleming, head of Communications, Brands, Content & Digital, BBC Worldwide, told Bleeding Cool website:

“There are always rumours and speculation about Doctor Who missing episodes being discovered, however we cannot confirm any new finds.”

Notice the language. This is not a denial of any find. Fleming said, “we cannot confirm.” Maybe because the news is being kept secret by the BBC? This sounds more like a coded message to fans, saying, “I am not allowed to confirm it.” I know it sounds like wishful thinking (and let’s face it, it is), but I really thing that on a topic like this, the BBC would be better off tamping down fan expectation than allowing it to simmer and thrive on half-truths and conjecture. A flat-out “no” would serve the Beeb’s interests much better. And in this case there is more than mere conjecture to go on. Much more.
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BBC Makes Series 8 Officially Official

steemomazzaWe fans already knew as much, thanks to Steven Moffat and Matt Smith, but the BBC finally formally announced that there will be an eighth series of DOCTOR WHO along with a 2013 Christmas Special.

The Beeb made the announcement on its website:

“We’re delighted to confirm a new series of Doctor Who has been commissioned and the show’s lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, has revealed he’s already plotting a brand new run of adventures for the Doctor.”

It’s also good news that Moffat will be back in the driver’s seat — and that something special is planned for the Christmas episode:

“Given that this year’s Christmas Special will be rounding off such a spectacular year we’re sure it will kick off the Doctor’s next half century in style!  But that’s not all. Big plans are being put in place that will well and truly celebrate the Doctor’s half-centenary.  Make sure you check back for some exciting announcements!”

Hmmm… could the Christmas Special see a gathering of all the incarnations of the Doctor? Christmas with the 11 Doctors? It would be just like Moffat to divert attention with the 50th anniversary story and then blindside us with the story we thought we were being denied…

Next Series of DOCTOR WHO Confirmed at Last!


Moffat, a winner at last year’s BAFTAs

Well, the BBC cannot be bothered, so Steven Moffat had to do it himself — announce that series eight of DOCTOR WHO “really, definitely, honestly is” happening, that is!

Apparently it’s part of the Beeb’s ongoing policy of benign neglect toward its No. 1 cash cow in this, DOCTOR WHO’s 50th anniversary year, but nobody in the PR department could be bothered to even issue a press release announcing the renewal, let alone pull together the usual press fanfare. Which is why, at last night’s BAFTA gala, Moffat said he was surprised to discover that people think series is still awaiting approval.

Nevertheless, Moffat personally confirmed the good news:

“This is a thing that just seems to have slipped by… so can I say it very firmly – series eight is absolutely, definitely confirmed. It is real and it’s happening – it’s [taking up] most of my time at the moment.”

The Grand Moff had no premiere date, of course, and production is still a ways off, what with Matt Smith busy with a Hollywood movie and filming of the Christmas special still to be done.

But it’s great news, nonetheless!

DOCTOR WHO: Two Terrific Trailers!

Wow, a lot went on in the Whoniverse while I was briefly out of commission. Some massive catching up to do! The BBC have released an awesome trailer for 7b — the second half of the current seventh season — and so has BBC America! The best part is that the trailers have lots and lots of different footage, so it is totally worth watching both clips.

First up, the BBC trailer:

And now, the trailer the Yanks at BBCA produced:

Yikes! What in the universe could frighten the Doctor? Get thee behind a couch!

One thing is for sure: All this footage makes it look like we’re in for a really wild ride beginning March 30!