Doctor Who Series 8 Debuts… When?

At last, the BBC has released a teaser trailer for the eighth series of the revived DOCTOR WHO, and while it runs just about 15 seconds, we do get to see a new logo and — more importantly — a confirmed start month for the Peter Capaldi era on BBC One and BBC America: August.

There is not much more than a brief, dramatically backlighted glimpse of the 12th Doctor in an exploding TARDIS console room, but at least it’s something.

It is believed (but not certain) that the 12- or 13-episode series will run uninterrupted by a hiatus like the one that seemed to dull viewer response last season.

BBC Unveils Full Slate of DOCTOR WHO Tributes

DayDoctor1One thing the BBC cannot be accused of is skimping on programming paying tribute to its most successful series, the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO.

Auntie Beeb is planning tribute shows across all its channels, on TV and radio. It really is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the series, doing everything it can — short of producing lots of new episodes of the program itself — to make Nov. 13, 2013, a day to remember. To make it The Day of the Doctor!
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RIPPER STREET Teaser Cut Too Short

RIPPER STREET sounds like a great idea for a series — a police procedural set in the aftermath of Jack the Ripper’s rampage — and we all know the British excel at doing period pieces, but I hope the execution of this teaser is not a reflection of the way the series will be handled.

A lone man being chased through the rain by three unknown men? Hmm, there’s definitely not enough information in this clip to hook the average viewer and get folks psyched for the show — unless you happen to know the premise. People could be forgiven for getting the idea that this series will focus on the hunt for the Ripper (and assume that’s him being chased). Too much of the teaser is wasted on the Olympic stadium and the title card.
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BBC America has a different DOCTOR WHO trailer!

BBC America has seen BBC One’s DOCTOR WHO series 6 trailer and raised it – by including a lot of snippets from Episode 1, “The Impossible Astronaut.” This trailer kicks ass. Not that the BBC One trailer doesn’t, but the BBCA clipfest gives Whovians a little more from the opening story. Of course there are clips from the other episodes in the first half of the season – and most of them are different from the snippets in the BBC One trailer…

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