THE GOOD WIFE 2.9: Nine Hours

Two things stood out about this week’s episode of THE GOOD WIFE: the palpable tension as the clock counted down to an execution, and the way Alicia’s son, Zach, couldn’t take his eyes off Kalinda. (Hey, give the kid a break – who can take their eyes off her?)

We’ve all seen lawyer shows tackle the death penalty, and watched as myriad legal teams raced to save a wrongly condemned man. Frankly, the plot has been done to death! But I think what set this particular story apart was the sense of jeopardy. When it comes to lawyer shows, one can usually bank on the featured legal eagles saving the day. Occasionally, one sees a story in which the condemned man is actually guilty. But THE GOOD WIFE did two things right: It the lawyers did not pretend to know if Carter Wright (Chad L. Coleman) was innocent, and I really felt like there was a possibility that Carter would be executed in the end, no matter his guilt or innocence.
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